Your microwave gives a hand with the housework

Microwave in the kitchenMicrowaves are one of the wonders of our world. Those devices help us serve dinner for less than 10 minutes, defrost, warm and boil any hard or liquid food product put inside. But besides these “basic” functions, microwaves can have much extensive and supporting role in the household. The only thing you must do is let your imagination fly and you will find out a lot of ways you microwave can help. Here below, we’ve gathered some practical applications of your friend in the kitchen – your microwave. Check them out and make your life of housekeeper easier:

  • Sterilisation. Microwaves have proven their role as perfect sterilising devices. If you have a baby, pour some water (not more than half height, though) in a non-metal pot with or without cover, put inside baby bottles, nipples and comforters and turn the microwave on “High” for about 3 minutes. If you  have just decided to perform a regular cleaning, put the small mops and cleaning sponges in water and boil them in the same way for about 3 minutes. All of them will be clean and sterilised and ready to use, but be careful and leave them for a while to cool.

  • Treat stains on cloths and rags. An inventive way to remove stains from small cloths or rags is by putting a couple of drops of liquid soap or cleaning gel on a stained cloth; put it in a pot of water and boil it for a few minutes in the microwave on “High”. Hot boiling water, along with the abstergent will make the stain much more pliable to washing. This is what you do with spots on cloths. But what about stains on furniture? It is not recommendable that you cut a cloth and put it in the microwave. Rather, rub in some effective cleaning substance or, even better and more rational, call a company that will send you professional end of tenancy cleaners. Those guys will know perfectly how to clean up and preserve the upholstery in case you have a final inventory check ahead of you. They will make your removal smooth and hassle-free in exchange of affordable costs.

  • Melting and softening. Microwaves are good partners in melting sugared honey. Put the jar in a pot with water, turn on “Medium” and let it warm for a few minutes. For those of you who need to prepare caramel, spread the sugar on the bottom of the baking dish and keep it in the microwave until you can smell the sweet flavour. Do not keep it longer, because it starts burning very fast. And if you need to wash it up, pour some water and let it boil for a while. All left sugar will melt into it.

Can you share some other interesting ideas of your everyday housekeeping routine? Do you use regularly your microwave? Friends or enemies, they inevitably exist – all those devices created to help us live easier.

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