Yes or No to smoking at home

Yes or No to smoking at homeSince 2007, smoking on public closed places (including working buildings, offices and other types of professional environment) has been banned. The law is something we cannot argue with and the restrictions are made to be obeyed. Otherwise, the punishments will speak of themselves – whether it is good or not good to smoke! However, smoking isn’t banned yet.

People still have the right to smoke in their private places, houses and flats. It is curious to add an interesting fact here – a large number of states in the USA consider banning smoking in home places (terraces and balconies), too! Is it right or not? Now, when you are still allowed smoking at home, you have the right to discuss the subject!

So, let’s open the topic – Yes or No to smoking at home:

  • Yes, because this is your last chance – the ban is for public places and if there is a home restriction for smoking, poor smokers have no other chance to cure their nerves and get the needed nicotine. Plus – a home has its own rules and they are made by the masters, who are the owners, but not the politicians, healthcare experts or other public personalities.

  • No, because of the smell – as a smoker, you may be used to the smell, but everyone else will feel dizzy and nauseous in such an environment. Plus, even if you smoke only on the balcony, the cigarette smell is still spreading all around you – including your clothes, accessories, hair and hands.

  • Yes, because it is a sign of hospitality – when you receive guests and welcome them with the remark that your home is non-smoking, there is a chance for you to be called rude or inhospitable. As the client is always right, the guest always deserves the best treatment.

  • No, because of children and pets – this reason is beyond doubt and completely negotiable!

  • Yes, because discomfort is surmountable – vent systems, aromatic sprays, old-fashioned candles with great fragrance and many more contemporary smoke absorbers are available.

  • No, because some effects aren’t surmountable – though, there are objects and items at home that can be forever ruined. Furniture, decors, textiles and clothes can be burnt or scorched. No upholstery cleaning technique can revive your singed living room couch. Don’t fool yourself that scotchgard protector protects from fire. Few materials and tools are actually immortal next to fire….

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