Wonderful Shabby Chic ideas for every room

Wonderful Shabby Chic ideas for every roomAre you familiar with Shabby Chic style? Actually, it is also popular as farmhouse or cottage style. Experts define it as very warm, friendly and forgiving décor style to have in your sweet home. Nowadays many people are attracted by Shabby Chic ideas, because they not only embrace imperfection, but they truly celebrate it. Some typical features of Shabby Chic style are: natural (e.g., linen, burlap), and weathered or worn elements. The origin of this interior design is Great Britain. It reminds the typical decoration, found in large, country houses where you may find worn sofas and curtains; old, but beautiful paintwork and modest taste. The main target is to achieve an elegant overall effect. An essential aspect of the appearance is recycling old furniture and fabrics. Keep in mind, that the original Shabby Chic interior was considered a work of art. Let’s take a look at some smart tips how to bring this style in the separate rooms of your home:

Shabby chic kitchen

  • Shabby Chic ideas for your kitchen. Use accessories like window bottles. For this purpose, you need to use cup hooks above the window and hang small glass containers from them to hold flowers. To succeed in this project, you’ll have to wrap some strong string or wire around the lip of each container. After that, you may add one or two loops from one side to the other before stringing it up, so they hang evenly. Another idea for your kitchen is to enjoy a vintage oven. There is no doubt, that this is a beautiful aquisition for a Shabby Chic home. You may hang out around flea markets and find such an oven in good and working condition. Your kitchen will look wonderful if you get a crochet edged shelf too. Why don’t you transform your super boring shelf unit into a Shabby Chic kitchen masterpiece? Thanks to a crochet this is possible. Instead of a chandelier, you may use a lantern for your kitchen. If you find somewhere a beautiful Victorian style lantern, you’ll definitely achieve Shabby Chic atmosphere. You may put a large candle inside.

Shabby chic living room

  • Shabby Chic ideas for your living room. A marvellous Shabby Chic living room may be created thanks to application of a simple, minimalist approach. Experts advise you to use a subdued palette with subtle hints of pink and blue. A wonderful idea is to put a nice salmon-hued shag area rug. You will clean the rug without any problems if you apply the right method. Browse the web to see how to sanitise shag rugs. Hints of European style are also popular when it comes to Shabby Chic design ideas. A taste of Paris may be brought via burlap throw pillow. French country charm may be shown via distressed shutters and weathered decor. Another Shabby Chic idea for the living room is the “sea of blue”. Is there anything more refreshing than the combination of aqua and white? Experts advise you to mix the blue walls and white sofa with hints of turquoise. This way you will achieve faded, yet vibrant appearance. When it comes to the distressed vintage shutters, they may not serve a true purpose. However they look amazing as a modest decorative element of home decor.

Shabby chic bedroom

  • Shabby Chic ideas for your bedroom. Do you know which is the most popular colour in the Shabby Chic palette? The answer is pink. Referring to fabrics, the perfect choice is represented by dainty rose prints. Interior designers claim, that there’s no more suitable room in the house for a great Shabby Chic renovation procedure than a little bedroom. If this is the bedroom of a girl, usage of wonderful feminine fabrics will help you to create the perfect room for a little princess. Add a sense of elegance with an ethereal canopy if you wish. No matter that the roots of Shabby Chic style are found in those old, British country houses, this fashion allows mixing with other design styles. For instance, in your bedroom, you may have a dresser with typical Shabby Chic accessories such as chipped paint and marvellous crystal chandeliers. In this picture, you may add a Buddha statue and you won’t make a mistake. However, in case you live on rent, be very careful with any kind of makeovers. Ask your landlord first, otherwise the biggest problem when you move out won’t be the end of lease cleaning routine, but the unexpected interior changes!

Now you are familiar with Shabby Chic style. Do you like it? Share your opinion and your renovation ideas! In case you decide to bring some Shabby Chic hints in your interior, you may use our wonderful ideas from up above. If you want additional information, you may always browse the web for more tips and pictures. Your renovation project will bring you better living conditions and more vibrant atmosphere. Good luck!

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