Wine Storage – rules and tips

Wine storage tipsWine is a beverage with a fine soul and requires special care. If you appreciate its merits and you are willing to spend money to enjoy it, it is right to know and observe some of the storage conditions which it requires:

  • Wine is best stored in glass bottles with corks. If the cork is real, the bottle must be in a reclining position, so that the wine is in contact with the cork – so it will not shrivel will not let additional air to deteriorate the wine.

  • Bottles have to be kept in a cool, dark place with temperatures between 5 and 18 degrees, the optimal 10-12 degrees, high humidity, good ventilation and away from loud noises and smells. If the air is dry, the corks will be damaged and will enter air, which if not ventilated, the moisture will cause mold and mildew. In case of direct sunlight and sharp ups and downs in temperature the wine can deteriorate beyond recognition. Perhaps your post tenancy cleaners also know that.

  • If there is no possibility of cellar or cold storage, you can keep the bottles in the coldest place in the home, in the refrigerator or cabinet with temperature control. The rule is that white wines must be placed at colder place, lower organized and red and dessert – on a high shelf. While it is tempting to show your collection to the guests, do not hold bottles of wine in the living room. By the way steam carpet cleaning in the sitting room is mandatory.

  • Once you open the bottle and the air enters the wine begins to change the taste. Then you can proceed to the decantation. This is the transfusion of wine from a bottle into a container that allows it to reveal all its qualities. Do not decant white and sparkling wines, with the exception of some old vintages. Red wine is good, however, to be decanted. Gently pour from a bottle into a decanter, taking care not to muddy the sediment, if it exists. When the precipitate is more wine is older, and decantation is not required.

Now you know how to store your wine in order to preserve its incomparable taste and other qualities.

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