Why your next home might not need a bathtub

Bathroom - yes or noFashion changes and homes change too, even those little rooms that seem so traditional and have a specific use as the bathroom. According to the latest trends, people don’t want to use bathtubs anymore. But with reducing of the sweet water all around the world, this trend isn’t that unexplainable. What will be the bathrooms of tomorrow?

  1. Grow in size. Showers take more and more space now. They started as compact boxes and now they take bigger places. Showers are larger with straight lines, as preferable are the square shapes with very low bottom.

  2. Walls are alive. Nowadays are very popular designs that include plants in the walls. They are planted straight in the wall and there are watering pipes inside the wall itself which allows plants to remain ravishing and lush.

  3. With build-in sittings as in oriental bath house. It’s no secret that hot water tires the heart and sometimes our energy disappears during bath. Now you will be able to take a break and continue later without needing to go out.

  4. Natural materials. Stone and wood that were considered unsuitable for bathroom now take over the place. One of the traditional material also remains inside – the marble. Different combinations from it allow creation of patterns and shapes for extra decorations.

  5. Multiple shower heads. One that imitates rain, one for massage and a lot of other pampering features will make the going out of the shower even harder. It’s good that the frameless shower cabins don’t allow water to go out of the cabin. Or you would have to perform steam carpet cleaning every time you go out to prevent mould occurring.

  6. Storage space. The space under the sink and all around the bathroom will be filled with cabinets that can take all your accessories – towels, cosmetics, electrical appliances.

  7. Home spa. The plan of the designers is to allow more and more spa procedures to be performed at home – saunas, steam shower rooms and whirlpool baths won’t be available only in the resorts. With comfortable seat around you need only to add a couple of pillows for comfort (and upholstery sanitising to your cleaning list) and you won’t need to leave the house to get yourself a relaxing treat.

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