Why having a pet means having a cleaning lady?

Having a pet at homeHousehold job is a hard job. It becomes even tougher if your home environment is inhabited by a pet, too. The stains become numerous, the damages of the super expensive upholstery – catastrophic – and the cleaning job seems endless and like a hell. In case you have a big dog or a sweet, but too wasteful of hairs cat you are completely aware of all these issues. Why having a pet means having a cleaning lady? Well, this question should sound stupid for most of you, but there are people, who claim they can handle both – the dirtiness at home and the mess made by the pet. For them, we have picked some good arguments that should make them view this issue from a different angle:

  • Floor is the most threatened part of your living environment. A cat or a dog may simply destroy it. Whether you have covered the floor at home with luxurious rugs or you have preferred ceramic tiles, there is no difference. In all cases, you will need some extra assistance by professionals. If the floor is a hard surface, they may need to grind, buff or polish it at least once per year. As regards the carpets, solid and thorough vacuuming with innovative machines is required.

  • Windows and walls may be also affected by your own cute pet. As you probably know, the curtains and drapes highly attract cats and small dogs. This cannot be prevented by any expert cleaner, but he might be very useful for you, when it comes to removing the fingerprints, the fatty spots and all the germs away from the windows and the walls, for instance.

  • You are lucky if you have crypton furniture since this material cannot be damaged by the claws of your pet. On the other side, though, the bacteria and the grime from their paws still remain on the furniture. If you do not want to lose your extra nice living room sets, rely on professional cleaning services, because the upholstery sanitising is a delicate aspect in housekeeping.

  • A cleaning lady is taught to work with tested, harmless and absolutely qualitative, but still effective detergents. This is your guarantee to prevent your pet from getting infected by the products you may simply buy from the store. Some of them cost less and attract your attention with huge discounts. Though, they might be dangerous for your pet.

  • The huge mess than a dog can make if you forget taking it on a walk may spoil your mood. Why bothering and why getting even more tired after work, when somebody else may tidy up in less than an hour?

  • Last, but not least, living on a rent and with a pet is a condition that binds you to have a cleaning lady. There will come a time, when you will have to move out. Then, the post tenancy cleaners will definitely charge you more per one time than the kind maid you may have from now!

Do not expel your pet from your home, but invite a cleaning lady inside it!

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