When your baby makes its first steps – there is no bigger joy!

When your baby makes its first stepsThese precious moments when your child discovers the wonders of the world for a first time! In such moments young parents without experience worry and wonder and here are some of the answers they would like to know:

  • Time. Children’s development is individual. Some start to raise and make tiny unsure steps from the ninth month; others may delay this till the seventeenth. This is no reason for stress. If your doctor says everything is normal, then relax, it will happen.

  • Support. Don’t push the baby to stand up and walk. If it makes tries, hold its hand and help it in these first efforts. If it wants to make a step and sit, leave it to do it, tomorrow it will try again.

  • Stationary centers. They give the babies development activities that keep them in one place. The bay has more time to get used to stand up, which promotes the development of its muscles and coordination. The big plus for you is that you can get engaged in your own activities as cooking, carpet cleaning Fulham or other.

  • Falls. They are something you cannot avoid. If there is nothing dangerous around like a sharp edge or electrical appliance, learn to control yourself and avoid showing fear or disappointment. May be you don’t remember but this falls-on-bottom are not as painful as the face that mom or someone else makes.

  • Wheeler walker. They can tempt the baby to make less efforts to walk alone. They can be rather dangerous because of their speed, instability and the opportunity for the baby to touch more objects. Ask the domestic cleaners Canary Wharf not to leave objects in baby’s range, wheeler walker makes this range way bigger and a bit unpredictable.

As we said, everything is individual with babies, so if something doesn’t go as described, don’t freak out and enjoy discovering the world with your child.

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