Using microfiber cleaning cloths for everything

Using microfiber cleaning clothRecently, we have come up to a forum discussion, where people were talking over the microfiber cloth subject. It turned out that this magical cloth can be used for dozens of household chores. They are great for deeper and more thorough sanitising, but they are also amazing for a quick clear-up of the house, as well. See some practical uses of microfiber cloth in house cleaning and get inspired to get more of it:

  • Absorbency. This is the top quality feature of the cleaning cloth. Once you spill anything liquid, simply blot with a microfiber immediately. Of course, the cloth is not able to deal with degreasing and more stubborn spots, but it is a good start for the process, isn’t it?

  • Clean glass objects and furniture, as well as the windows – from the inside and from the outside – with a cleaning microfiber cloth, too. Find the most suitable for your budget universal detergent and start polishing the transparent and fragile elements from your home interior design right away!

  • Dusting. If you do not apply any liquid or dry remedy on the microfiber cloth, you may easily eliminate the dust with it. It does not matter what the surface is, because the microfiber attracts the smallest pieces of grime immediately.

  • Regular domestic cleaning with a microfiber is also a superb idea. Once you get back from the office and have only half an hour to return the house into a reputable condition because of guests or family dinner, brush and wipe everything on display with a microfiber. It is easy and you do not even need too much detergent, but only white vinegar and lukewarm water.

  • Total cleanser in the bathroom. You can finely reduce the bacteria in the tub, toilet seat and the tiles with a cleaning microfiber cloth, as well. Use baking soda, borax and citruses for this purpose, too.

  • Before starting carpet steam cleaning at home, see if there is any old or nasty stain on the rug. Remove it with the microfiber cloth and dish washing soapy water.

Now, when you know all of these, the microfiber cloth becomes your best friend in housekeeping, doesn’t it?

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