Top 7 “No, I will not clean it” cases at home

Top 7 “No, I will not clean it” cases at homeIt is almost impossible for you to be in love with all the housekeeping chores.

Whether you skip it secretly or you force your spouse to do it, there might be a domestic task you really hate! Mostly, it is even more than one!

See the Top 7 “No, I will not clean it” cases at home and find out if some of them is your Top not-to-do household maintenance duty or you are a total perfectionist, when it comes to home neatness, cleanliness and cosiness:

SpongesWashing the dishes – especially if you are not a proud dishwashing machine owner. There is a big chance for you to get a dishwasher as a birthday present soon, because your partner will not stand watching the dirty items in the sink any longer.

Toilet brushScrubbing the toilet seat – as a matter of fact, it would be very weird if someone actually tends to do this chore frequently. It is not only about the repulsive part of it, but also about the common necessity of high-toxic detergent usage, too.

SockDoing the laundry – even though you do have a washing machine, you claim that this is a super boring task. Frankly, that is why the professional laundry rooms survive and something more – they are a quite good alternatives for small family business!


bed“I will not clean your room” is something you probably repeat to your kid every day. However, the more stubborn you become, the less attention your daughter or son pays to you. Moreover – whatever you say or yell, you will always do this chore instead of your kid.                                                                                                       

petSanitising after your pet – it does not matter who was the one from your family, who insisted on having a cat or adopting that homeless dog. You all love your pet, but somehow, you are usually the only one, who is assigned with the task to remove its hairs and clean the spots it has spoilt.

carpetCarpet cleaning. In most cases, you are not eager to do that, because you are scared that you will fail. Doubts such as what technique to choose – moisture-based or dry sanitising – and what detergent to use – more effective or more eco-friendly – make this chore to complicated!

home purgesLarge home purges. Whenever a particular event or occasion is close – spring, moving out or a birthday party – you are dying to escape your home for a week. End of tenancy cleanup and other similar thorough disinfecting procedure must be driving you crazy and you usually prefer to give it a try and test your local professional cleaning company.

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  1. I recently moved out of home and have had a total shock at how hard hsroewouk can be!! My mum always cleaned up after me and nagged that I was messy, I just thought she was moaning for the sake of it but I now realize how easily my mess spreads now that I’m tidying up after myself! You just dont notice when somebody else is doing it for you. Its like the program wifeswap, the men are always so much more grateful when they get their wives back for all the work they do to keep a tidy home

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