Top 5 Ice Skating rinks in London

Top 5 London Ice Skating rinks  Winter time is close and you must have been considering what exciting and amazing experience to plan this season. Truth is that even though the sunny hot weather is gone, the snowy fairy tale outside is also truly inspiring and charming for some positive emotions and wonderful experiences. And speaking of winter and snow, you should not miss this ice skating season, either!

  London is full of options for some funny evenings on the ice skates! However, we have checked out the best one ice skating rinks, and we would like to offer you the Top 5 of them:

  • The Tower of London Ice Rink – one of the greatest pleasures of skating among the historical heritage of London and Great Britain, itself. Although, the entrance in the Tower isn’t included in the ice skating ticket, the view in front of you is impressive and attractive enough to make your time even more memorable and gorgeous. The Tower of London Ice Rink lets you take some ice skating lessons among a fascinating environment, where most of the significant iconic structures for UK are situated.

  • The Canary Wharf Ice Rink – the city crowd and the spirited One Canada Square nearby makes the ice skating adventure really awesome! Smiley faces and children’s laugh make the entire atmosphere even more parade and obsessive! Besides, The One Canada Square isn’t an ordinary one. The path lets the amateur skaters to move along the trees. On the final line you get to the Boisdale bar, where special hot drinks and festive snacks are offered!

  • The Somerset House Ice Rink – located in the heart of London, this rink is more than a skating challenge. The center also offers special Christmas feasts, kid’s events and even modern nightlife programs. And why not include some skating in the checklist for one of these events, too? If you are looking for some luxury and tasty food, don’t forget to visit the Tom’s Kitchen, where diners are specially made for non-traditional culinary admirers.

  • The Natural History Museum Ice Rink – your first attempts in ice skating will be spiced with first touch to the prehistoric ages! Skate, while you learn about the lost dinosaurs! Bonus for animal lovers is also the extra of hiring Penguin skate aids! Please don’t miss this chance to have fun in cold winter!

  • The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Ice Rink – the wonderful thing about this ice rink is the permanent festive atmosphere. Being set just next to the significant Victorian bandstand, it is also lit by 10 thousands lighting bulbs and bodies, which improves the mood and let you feel as an ice skating superstar!

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