The jewels that make you classy

The jewels that make you classyThe right piece of jewel can change your look from “nothing special” to “fairytale princess”. In our mind these kind of jewels are always imaginary, indeed they are quite ordinary and can be found for less than a million. To look expensive and to be expensive are two different things, so just check the next couple of rules and see how easy is to pick the perfect jewel.

  • Less is better. Elegance is always less colorful and less excessive. Simplicity is something always trendy. Even if you buy a bracelet with ten different gems and three types of metals – gold, silver and platinum, that worths thousands, it can look cheap and a bit too much. Better invest in a piece with a couple of stones from the same kind and a single type of metal.

  • Trust yourself. The sense of elegance and originality is somewhere inside you, trust your first reaction toward a ring or necklace. If your inner voice says no, listen to it. Don’t try to stand out with originality that you don’t believe in. It’s like a bad smell after upholstery cleaning London, it will always irritate you.

  • Believe in it. You are as important as the jewel itself. Wear your choice with grace and pride and every piece will give you the look like you have bought it from Cartier. It doesn’t need to have a price tag from Tiffany to look classy and expensive.

  • Make it. In the craft shops you can find all kind of materials to make fine jewelry, even some semi-precious stones and artificial pearls. Look for quality materials – metals that won’t rust when you spray perfume on them, stones and beads that won’t peel off and so on. This way you will save from the price and will have unique pieces of jewelry. With such cost you won’t bother you if the end of tenancy cleaners London forget to collect your jewelry box.

Elegance is feeling, aura, scent that people around you feel with their eyes. Keep it pure and simple, even the great Coco Chanel says that one less is better than one more. Trust her, she has invented the elegance.

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