The healing power of lavender

The healing power of lavenderIf memories have smell, it certainly will be with the scent of lavender. We usually memorize the smell from early childhood and every time we inhale it, we move mentally in these serene days.

  • Lavender is an evergreen shrub with silvery leaves, which originates from the Mediterranean. Its healing power is concentrated in color and can be stored in several ways. The industry way is the extraction of the essential oil, which ranges from 1 to 3%. During distillation we receive another product – lavender water, which is mainly used in cosmetics. Domestic way to store this herb is drying. Your tenancy cleaners Wandsworth will know that.

  • Applications of the essential oil of lavender are so many, that is even possible to fail to be fully comprehensive. First, it has a very strong antibacterial activity especially against streptococci, fungi and viruses. For example, the oil is one of the most effective ingredients for the treatment of festering wounds and inflammation. Only remember, never apply pure, but only added to the ointment. For effective prevention of rampant flu, inhale fumes of lavender with ¬†aromatic lamp or by inhalation.

  • The essential oil is first aid for burns – both domestic and sunny. Multilateral action is – at first soothes and prevents the formation of blisters. Subsequently it prevents infection of burnt spot and accelerates healing by stimulating the production of new skin cells.

  • We came to the calming and soothing properties of lavender. Nervousness, stress, insomnia, headaches, palpitations, menstrual pain – these symptoms are usually chronic and difficult to respond to medication. Lavender oil, however, successfully deals with them. Last but not least – essential oil not only soothes insect bites, but also is effective protection against raiding them. In short the essential oil of lavender is good to be present in every home medicine cabinet. By the way, carpet cleaning¬† Chiswick experts may tell you about application of lavender oil in their job.

What about you? Do you love the scent of lavender?

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