The case “small kitchen”

Small-kitchenThe kitchen is a mirror of the good housewife. Every woman dreams of a spacious kitchen in which to fit all necessary or unnecessary gadgets.

Undoubtedly, modern constructions are beautiful, but ruthless according to the sizes and functionality of the buildings. Globally, small sizes are everywhere. In the contemporary world it’s believed that the kitchen by 5 m² is enough. In this case there is no coincidence among beauty, comfort and functionality.

If you do not want your little kitchen to look like a matchbox, and to avoid the situation “Move you to move me”, see a few tips for maximum functionality.

  • Give way to the light: It is not a secret to anyone that the light creates the illusion of volume and space. Keep your blinds open and the curtains drawn. Let the light flow over the entire room.

  • Choose the proper tone: Colour of the walls plays the role of a background and colour of the furniture is the main focus. Together they make a complete picture. The main idea is not to use black, brown, purple, red and dark blue. Also, avoid bright colours for small kitchens. They may have a negative impact on the psyche, combined with the tight space. You do not want to burn any meal while you’re staring at the bright orange wall. Here is a little secret – match coloured walls with faded furniture, and the opposite – bright cabinets with white walls.

  • Small kitchen – small furniture: The situation with the small kitchen is very typical if you live on rent. Folding table and chairs are coming to help you. You can only expand them when you eat. This is much better than eating on the narrow kitchen counter. In the rush you can push the plate with sauce on the carpet and that’s not funny at the post lease cleaning.  Another idea is to use each piece of a cabinet or rack, in order to save quite significant place. Here’s a big tip – do not overdo the decoration. Bet on two or three accents in the same colour – a vase, a statuette or a clock.

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