The art of the candle making

How to make candles at homeIs there something better than giving warmth and light as gift? No, this is not stupid romantic movie. It’s an interesting and a bit unusual idea for the coming celebrations. Candles are something that you can find almost everywhere, but special homemade sticks are rare and really can melt the receiver’s heart. Choose an aroma and color that best fits your idea and don’t be afraid to experiment. Here are a couple of directions how to practice your new craft at home.

  1. Supplies. For the beginners: there are several kinds of wax that you can use. Paraffin wax is the most popular, cheap and easy to colour and scent. That’s why it’s the perfect for beginners, but keep in mind that the gasses separated during the melting can irritate some people. Another option is soy wax. It burns more slowly and it’s easy to clean. Third kind is the bee wax that has been known for centuries. It has natural scent but also absorbs very well other aromas and purifies the air.

  2. Create working space. If you are about to use your table or desk, cover it with towels, newspapers and other similar things. Don’t use plastic because it will melt if you spill the hot wax on it.

  3. Melting it. Wax is melted on water bath. You put two different utensils together and you fill the lower with water. This way your wax won’t evaporate, catch fire or burn down. Don’t try to melt it directly on the burner. The oven is also not an option or you may spend next couple of days in oven cleaning. Dedicate special pot for the melting, that’s how you won’t worry for cleaning it.

  4. Get to business. Shred or cut the wax in little pieces. This will make the melting faster and you will get even liquid in the end. This is very important for the texture of the candles. Use thermometer to understand when the wax is ready for the adding of color and scent. Different kinds require different temperature. After you add the chosen aromas and colors, stir well. Put the wick in the mold and try to keep it in the center. Slowly pour the wax and let it cool for twenty-four hours.

  5. Accidents happen. To avoid massive disasters, work on wooden surfaces and floors without carpets. In the past domestic cleaners have used wax to polish the wooden furniture and floors, so don’t worry if you spill a drop.

No matter if the candles are for you, for business or for a gift, use your imagination and talent to make them unique. Be a part of one ancient craft and bring joy and happiness to the ones around you by enjoying it yourself.


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