What’s the right way to clean velvet furniture?

What’s the right way to clean velvet furniture?Velvet is a delicate material that requires special care. Many people consider cleaning it a hard task but this is because they are unaware which are the right cleaning methods. You can easily damage your velvet upholstery by using improper cleaning techniques and it can result in costly repairs or even furniture replacement. Another common mistake is that velvet and velveteen are considered the same thing when actually the cleaning required is not the same. Velveteen is more durable and easier to clean when velvet can involve the help of professional cleaners. However, there are few options that don’t necessarily require expert assistance. Velvet tends to appear in the fashion trends occasionally so if you have some trendy pieces of clothing in the wardrobe or a pair of velvet shoes, you will know how to treat them if you check our advice below. Continue reading