Watch out for your health and spring clean your home – part 2

Spring clean your home - part 2The topic for spring cleaning is very actual now, because soon you must undertake that sanitising challenge. In order to be well-prepared, check out our second part of clever tips! Smart housekeepers are diligent and studious not only because they want flawless domestic environment, but because they do care for the health of their families.

Now read the continuation of our checklist and stay healthy and happy:

Watch out for your health and spring clean your home – part 1

spring clean your homeHave you ever thought how cleaning affects your health? All those leftovers of insects, dust and chemicals can cause a reaction on the moment or in time. Probably cleaning looks easy or even safe, but a closer look shows that your health is actually endangered by a number of factors.

Surveys show that the solution to the dust and microbes problem can be even more hazardous, as households normally use aggressive and toxic cleaning compounds. Continue reading

Spring cleaning – effective tips for busy mоms

Effective spring cleaningBeing a mоm is harsh. Before facing it, you cannot even imagine how many efforts are needed to be perfect in everything – in parenting, in housekeeping and in the office.

Some mоms prefer to quit job for a while and surround her kid with the necessary attention and treatment, but others do not have this lucky chances and their obligations become even more. Continue reading

Freshen up the bedroom for the spring

Bedroom spring refreshmentWith the spring coming up, we want to change not only our looks, but what surrounds us as well. Why don’t we start with our home? Here are some interesting ideas for renovation of the interior.

Let’s start with the bedroom. It is where one opens their eyes every morning. And everything their eyes should see, should be beautiful and bringing joy. To achieve this this, you can:

  • Paint the walls in a new colour (or change the wallpaper that you are probably already bored of). Let you fantasy work – three of the walls can be the same colour, and the fourth – another. Continue reading