Using microfiber cleaning cloths for everything

Using microfiber cleaning clothRecently, we have come up to a forum discussion, where people were talking over the microfiber cloth subject. It turned out that this magical cloth can be used for dozens of household chores. They are great for deeper and more thorough sanitising, but they are also amazing for a quick clear-up of the house, as well. See some practical uses of microfiber cloth in house cleaning and get inspired to get more of it: Continue reading

Regular or one off cleaning service?

Regular or one off cleaning?My house turned into a real mess without me even noticing it! Yes, I’m not a cleaning freak, but I’m not such a messy person, too. How did that happen? Oh, no matter how hard I think about it, my house won’t clean by itself. I need help. Professional help. My friends.

Ok, my friends refused to help me, but gave me some good advices. The best one was “Get a maid!” But… Do I really need a maid? Yeah, I know, between work and… work there is no time left for me to clean, but… Maid?! Continue reading