Your microwave gives a hand with the housework

Microwave in the kitchenMicrowaves are one of the wonders of our world. Those devices help us serve dinner for less than 10 minutes, defrost, warm and boil any hard or liquid food product put inside. But besides these “basic” functions, microwaves can have much extensive and supporting role in the household. The only thing you must do is let your imagination fly and you will find out a lot of ways you microwave can help. Here below, we’ve gathered some practical applications of your friend in the kitchen – your microwave. Check them out and make your life of housekeeper easier: Continue reading

How to sanitise the humidifier?

Sanitise the humidifierHaving a humidifier at home is a total blessing. It is very suitable for dry seasons. Besides, it keeps your living space in a good healthy condition by removing the bacteria and all kinds of allergen from the air. Though, you cannot get these amazing benefits from your home humidifier if you do not show it some respect. The constant and proper maintenance is essential, so find out how to sanitise the humidifier with our simple tutorial: Continue reading

Making a personal cleaning calendar

Making a personal cleaning calendarTry to remember how your mom used to tell you that every housekeeping task must be done in time. Then, remind yourself anytime you could not finish even half of the thorough spring refreshment, because you get exhausted too early or because the entire schedule seemed not realisable! The problem you have is common, so there is nothing to worry about. You are just suffering from the popular syndrome of disorganised personality. That is why household chores are never done on schedule or they are not done at all.The cure is constancy and a good checklist. We offer you making a personal cleaning calendar – right now together with us and our special tips: Continue reading

Let’s clean the leather items at home

Leather cleaning tipsHaving leather items at home makes it look really elegant, sophisticated and impressive. In a way, leather was always a symbol of luxury and wealth. Any style of interior design becomes truly posh and attractive, if you add some set of leather furniture or incredible upholstery made of leather.

Whether it is real or artificial, leather becomes a significant part of living environment. Continue reading