Wonderful Shabby Chic ideas for every room

Wonderful Shabby Chic ideas for every roomAre you familiar with Shabby Chic style? Actually, it is also popular as farmhouse or cottage style. Experts define it as very warm, friendly and forgiving décor style to have in your sweet home. Nowadays many people are attracted by Shabby Chic ideas, because they not only embrace imperfection, but they truly celebrate it. Some typical features of Shabby Chic style are: natural (e.g., linen, burlap), and weathered or worn elements. The origin of this interior design is Great Britain. It reminds the typical decoration, found in large, country houses where you may find worn sofas and curtains; old, but beautiful paintwork and modest taste. The main target is to achieve an elegant overall effect. An essential aspect of the appearance is recycling old furniture and fabrics. Keep in mind, that the original Shabby Chic interior was considered a work of art. Let’s take a look at some smart tips how to bring this style in the separate rooms of your home: Continue reading

Violet colour in the interior

Violet colour in the interiorAbove all, we should mention that violet color is associated with spirituality. It helps our mental equilibrium. It is also believed that all shades of violet have a very strong effect and may affect the subconscious. Violet is also perceived as the color of mysticism, art and magic – it is extravagant and very inspiring. Violet tones quickly excite fantasy and release consciousness. Here are further details: Continue reading

Check out this colour obsession – flamingo pink for your bedroom!

Flamingo pink for your bedroomIt’s bold, it’s bright and it’s girly – flamingo pink. This exotic bird’s colouration has always been a statement of extraordinary taste. You simply can’t hide with this shade on your clothing or in your home design. But hiding is not the point anyway, right?! Check how you can use it in the bedroom without throwing the style out and without getting head ache from the intensity. Continue reading

Monochrome rooms – what’s that?

Monochrome roomsMonochrome style is one of hardest to achieve. Creating such a room demands good preparation. You must have planned everything to last detail, even before you have started any work on transforming your place. Check out the following information and make your choice depending on your preferences: Continue reading