Using microfiber cleaning cloths for everything

Using microfiber cleaning clothRecently, we have come up to a forum discussion, where people were talking over the microfiber cloth subject. It turned out that this magical cloth can be used for dozens of household chores. They are great for deeper and more thorough sanitising, but they are also amazing for a quick clear-up of the house, as well. See some practical uses of microfiber cloth in house cleaning and get inspired to get more of it: Continue reading

Restore the glass home items with rice!

Restore the glass items with riceGlass items at home are a lot. With them a lot of cleaning issues also appear. At least you must have been in a big dilemma how to polish a super expensive vase without breaking it. Other housekeepers have still no idea how to sanitise bottles. They may rinse them in the sink, but reaching the bottoms becomes a total brain teaser! We have one simple solution for all of you and for all of your narrow and delicate glassware at home – rice! Yes, you have read it correctly – rice is the natural cleanser for all your glass items. It removes bacteria and it is amazing in scrubbing old spots. Besides – it is commonly available at home and it is cheap! Continue reading

Clever tips for effective cleaning

Clever tips for effective cleaning You know how important the regular home cleaning is. If you want nice and cozy house, you should give the best from you in sanitising. And you should run it at least once a week.

 Prepare all sorts of detergents and start! In case you have forgotten to buy certain cleaning agents or you can’t handle some stubborn stains (rust, burnt, mould), do not despair!

Maybe the decision of your problem is right in front of you – look around your kitchen. Well, we will help with some clever tips for comprehensive disinfecting: Continue reading

Regular Domestic cleaning on weekly basis

Housekeeping on a regular basisRegular home cleaning is regular, because you usually pick up an appropriate for your schedule period of time for repeating simple house maintenance. Whether it is a daily cleaning routine or a fortnightly domestic cleaning, the entire job is focused on preserving home hygiene and permanent convenience for you and your family. Simple cleaning chores are actually the easiest way to achieve constant cosiness at home. Healthy living environment also require some periodically applied efforts in housekeeping and home cleaning. Continue reading