How to improve the interior with paintings and photos

How to improve the interior with paintings and photosIn case you recently moved into a new house, you are definitely impatient to furnish your home and to make your domestic interior stylish and original. Perhaps you will act like most people who include their favorite photos or paintings of artists. To do this in the most subtle way, you need to know certain rules. You need to pay attention to them, because otherwise there is a risk to fail. And you don’t want that, right? Continue reading

Invite the nature indoors

Invite the nature indoorsNature is our home. No matter with how thick walls we surround ourselves, we are always drawn toward outdoor spaces, forests, fields, seaside and so on. Even if you like industrial or urban design, probably a part of you wants to keep in touch with the wild, untamed part of your being. There is always a way to incorporate natural element in your domestic surrounding. Continue reading

What does your sofa say about you?

What does your sofa say about youThe way you design your place can tell us a lot of things about you and the type of person you are. The colors you use when painting the walls, what type of carpet you like, the style – if you like modern furniture or you are more keen on the retro style. These are all things that can tell someone what type of person you are. There are things from your character that can be found out just with a look on your sofa. Here is what we know about it. Continue reading

Break these decorating rules and transform the defect in stunning effect

Decorating rulesRules need to be left behind sometimes. If our ancestors haven’t broken them long ago we would have still lived in caves. When it comes to fashion and decorating rules breaking them is mandatory if you want to create bold and stunning rooms. Here are a couple of rules you can break with clear conscience. Expect amazing outcome, because you will transform the defect in magnificent effect:

  1. Paint on the ceiling. The boldest thing you can make – start the rebellion from the top. Pictures are not reserved only for castles and churches. Monochronic or colorful it’s your choice – even if you want you can put extra decoration like stars or gypsum elements. It will bring all eyes on you. Continue reading

10 tips on decorating a rental

Decorating a rentalThe biggest task a tenant has, when he moves to his brand new, but rented, house is to make it look like a real home. Bringing some personality, charm and convenience to a tenement, though, isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to put all of your imagination and to conduct it to your landlord’s requirements. Also, you could be tight by your budget (since the rental prices aren’t that low yet) and budget-friendly ideas for adorning a house are always welcomed. We have gathered the most budget-friendly conceptions for making a rental look like a real home! See our 10 tips on decorating a rental. Get inspired by them and use them as a base: Continue reading

Add some romantic elements in your bedroom

Romantic elements in the bedroomOnce you get in someone’s bedroom you can tell that you know them intimately. How to decorate it and what elements to add to make it more romantic and appealing? There are some details that can make you feel more secure and peaceful in your bedroom than anywhere else.

  • Candles – old but gold touch that automatically turns people on romantic mode. Separate or in groups candles incorporate the fire element and by the rules of feng shui this warms up the room in the good sense.

Continue reading