Break these decorating rules and transform the defect in stunning effect

Decorating rulesRules need to be left behind sometimes. If our ancestors haven’t broken them long ago we would have still lived in caves. When it comes to fashion and decorating rules breaking them is mandatory if you want to create bold and stunning rooms. Here are a couple of rules you can break with clear conscience. Expect amazing outcome, because you will transform the defect in magnificent effect:

  1. Paint on the ceiling. The boldest thing you can make – start the rebellion from the top. Pictures are not reserved only for castles and churches. Monochronic or colorful it’s your choice – even if you want you can put extra decoration like stars or gypsum elements. It will bring all eyes on you. Continue reading

The case “small kitchen”

Small-kitchenThe kitchen is a mirror of the good housewife. Every woman dreams of a spacious kitchen in which to fit all necessary or unnecessary gadgets.

Undoubtedly, modern constructions are beautiful, but ruthless according to the sizes and functionality of the buildings. Globally, small sizes are everywhere. In the contemporary world it’s believed that the kitchen by 5 m² is enough. In this case there is no coincidence among beauty, comfort and functionality.

If you do not want your little kitchen to look like a matchbox, and to avoid the situation “Move you to move me”, see a few tips for maximum functionality. Continue reading