How to host a moving party

How to host a moving partyIf you have moved before, then you know how stressful it is. You have to find a new house, then there is packing, which may turn into a real challenge for your organisation skills. Finally, the move itself comes. Well, stress should not be your only association with a removal! Make it fun and easy – throw a party! Here is what you need to do: Continue reading

For all those spots we forget in end of tenancy cleaning

For All Those Spots We Forget in End of Tenancy CleaningWhen the removal comes, people get in such a panic that they even forget to execute some of their agenda tasks. Thankfully, only few will pass the packing and the transportation duties, but in the deep and the thorough end of tenancy cleaning, there are many significant spots a tenant can forget and risk his or her tenancy deposit. So here are some of the basic and most common things and places we forget in the top-to-bottom move out cleaning program. Continue reading

Are the shiny faucets possible?

Cleaning faucetsFaucets attract the attention in each room. Leaving them spotty and fatty isn’t the best idea, if you care for your stylish and always perfectly fresh interior.

In case you have difficulties in removing the fingerprints of the faucets or you are wondering whether there is a universal polishing technique for them, we are here to help you.

See our simple and budget-friendly steps to gain the desired brilliance of the faucets at home. It is actually quite possible: Continue reading

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 2

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning In the previous article with the same title we have mentioned that end of tenancy cleaning seems like a game, where tenants and landlords play cat-and-mouse action. While the tenants want their tenancy deposits back, the landlords want their properties to be put in presentable condition. The hardest part, naturally, comes to the tenants, who need to bring some really strong efforts in sanitising the house and disinfecting its dirty areas.

However, it is not easy for the landlords, either. Because, after all, if the end of tenancy cleaning is not performed properly, they will have to clean and refresh by their own. Otherwise, the new guests and tenants will definitely skip the house as their new home place. The hide and seek game, which is performed by the landlords and tenants during the end of tenancy cleaning is about dirtiness and stains. You do know now that you should hide dust, remains and food leftover from the interior design of your future ex home place! Now, find out what you have to seek in end of tenancy cleaning: Continue reading

Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning – chapter 1

 Hide and seek in end of tenancy cleaning If you are a tenant, you already know that one day end of tenancy cleaning is going to get you! During this period all you will think about will be the cleaning chores, which are expected from you. Awful exhausting and tiring nights in scrubbing, washing and disinfecting will change your life for a few days. What is the worst in the end of tenancy cleaning is the property inspection. Your landlord has been nervous since the very first day you entered your lodging! Though, this time you really need to satisfy him!

  The return of your tenancy deposit depends on this! If you want to reduce the stress of the horrified combination between a removal and an end of tenancy cleaning, accept the challenge and take it as a game! After all, end of tenancy cleaning really looks like a game – like a hide and seek game between you and your landlord! See a funny way how to do it: Continue reading