5 super simple and smart cleaning strategies

5 super simple and smart cleaning strategiesWhat you have to understand, that cleaning the whole apartment or house at once is very much work. Plus the effect will keep no more than 2 days. And in consequence of this you will have to spend the rest of the week in mess and clutter. Follow these simple rules and make your household chores less time-consuming: Continue reading

Watch out for your health and spring clean your home – part 2

Spring clean your home - part 2The topic for spring cleaning is very actual now, because soon you must undertake that sanitising challenge. In order to be well-prepared, check out our second part of clever tips! Smart housekeepers are diligent and studious not only because they want flawless domestic environment, but because they do care for the health of their families.

Now read the continuation of our checklist and stay healthy and happy:

How to deal with the dust at home – super solutions

Deal with the dust at home You all must admit that the most unpleasant and exhausting chore in housekeeping is dusting! No matter how much you try to stop the dust, it is always around you! Dealing with the dust at home is definitely a harsh task, but you should never give up from this fight. Is there any need for reminding you that dust is a top allergen and the biggest factor for lung and respiratory issues?

And furthermore – is the difficulty a reason to quit the fight? Of course, not! If you are eager to have a neat, bacteria-free and cosy living environment, you will do whatever it takes to remove the dust!

See how to do it more easily and faster by learning some super solutions for dust control Continue reading

How to make your housing rental more comfortable

How to make your housing rental more comfortableWhen you come back home, don’t you leave all of the negative thoughts and emotions behind the door? If yes, this is the right behavior. Because home should be the place where you can “hide” yourself from the outside world. The place, where you can relax completely and “recharge the batteries” every day. So after this you will be able to handle the next “portion” of stress tomorrow. Let’s not kid ourselves – stress is everywhere (especially at work) and you can’t escape from this. Exception is your home. You usually share it with special people – your family, friends or your soulmate. So your place should be comfortable for you and the people you live with. Continue reading

Regular Domestic cleaning on weekly basis

Housekeeping on a regular basisRegular home cleaning is regular, because you usually pick up an appropriate for your schedule period of time for repeating simple house maintenance. Whether it is a daily cleaning routine or a fortnightly domestic cleaning, the entire job is focused on preserving home hygiene and permanent convenience for you and your family. Simple cleaning chores are actually the easiest way to achieve constant cosiness at home. Healthy living environment also require some periodically applied efforts in housekeeping and home cleaning. Continue reading