How to inspire your boyfriend for household chores

How to inspire your boyfriend for household choresPassion for cleanliness and order is traditionally attributed to women. Men are raised with the idea that they are designed to solve a global problem such as how mankind can get to Mars. They do not even notice that the house desperately need cleaning. There is a variety of techniques, thanks to which man can be attracted to domestic work. It is important to choose the most appropriate one: Continue reading

For all those spots we forget in end of tenancy cleaning

For All Those Spots We Forget in End of Tenancy CleaningWhen the removal comes, people get in such a panic that they even forget to execute some of their agenda tasks. Thankfully, only few will pass the packing and the transportation duties, but in the deep and the thorough end of tenancy cleaning, there are many significant spots a tenant can forget and risk his or her tenancy deposit. So here are some of the basic and most common things and places we forget in the top-to-bottom move out cleaning program. Continue reading

Are antibacterial sponges healthier than regular?

Are antibacterial sponges healthier than regularWhen it comes to cleaning, we all know that we need to use the best cleaning detergents. The best cleaning detergents, however are different for everyone. Some if us prefer to use strong cleaning products that can easily disinfect all the surfaces and things in the house. For them, these are the best products. Others, prefer to use eco-friendly products, so they avoid the eventual harmful effects of the strong chemicals, that they could cause to the nature and the health. We think that everyone needs to be cautious about the ingredients of the cleaning liquids because they might have harmful effects. On the other hand, the eco-friendly products not always can cope with the grime, grease and the accumulated through the years dirt. Together with the cleaning, we really need to think about the disinfection of the surfaces and appliances. Here are some facts, that back up the statement that the antibacterial sponges and wipes are healthier than the regular ones: Continue reading

How to remove ink from a carpet

Cleaning ink stain on the carpetTaking care of carpets at home requires everyday efforts. They include common Hoovering, applying the formula baking soda + vacuuming and deodorising once in a while. Doing correctly all of these things will help in having your carpet really attractive and hygienic. \

At the same time, you always have to be prepared for accidents and urgent situations. Stains – this is what we mean! No carpet is insured against stains. No rug is guaranteed to live long and make you happy till the rest of your days. Accidental dropping or careless nutrition may ruin your brand new carpet. Add to this the fact you raise a small kid at home and you now know that nothing is really forever. So does carpets. Though, not any stain is as catastrophic as end of life. One way or another, you can actually squeeze the chance and correct your mistakes. Continue reading