How to find reliable carpet cleaning services?

How to find reliable carpet cleaning servicesThe proper and sophisticated carpet cares guarantee the good look of your overall interior, the long life of your carpet and the decent hygiene in your house. However, carpet treatment might become extremely harsh to some people and in many situations. For instance, what if you suddenly make an enormous red wine stain on your rug? Are you sure blotting it with some universal dish washing soap is going to be enough? Or what if your rug is too delicate to stand liquid based carpet cleaning method? Continue reading

Cooking oil – the most unpleasant spots on your stylish carpet

Cooking oil cleaningProbably, it happens to everyone – you purchase a new Persian, wonderfully coloured or 100% natural carpet as an eco-friendly philosophy follower and right on the next day you spoil it! Well, there is nothing to worry about – especially if you have made a cooking oil stain. Here is the recipe for getting rid of it.

Deal with the most unpleasant spots on your stylish carpet using the following guides: Continue reading

How to deal with the dust at home – super solutions

Deal with the dust at home You all must admit that the most unpleasant and exhausting chore in housekeeping is dusting! No matter how much you try to stop the dust, it is always around you! Dealing with the dust at home is definitely a harsh task, but you should never give up from this fight. Is there any need for reminding you that dust is a top allergen and the biggest factor for lung and respiratory issues?

And furthermore – is the difficulty a reason to quit the fight? Of course, not! If you are eager to have a neat, bacteria-free and cosy living environment, you will do whatever it takes to remove the dust!

See how to do it more easily and faster by learning some super solutions for dust control Continue reading

In case you have a delicate carpet, get ready for a perfect treatment

Delicate carpet cleaningAdding a luxurious and wonderful rug to the interior design of any room at home is a great, original and stylish idea for decoration, renovating or refreshment. However, when you choose such a refined item for your home place, you need to know that the high price is not its only disadvantage.

Most of tender carpets require some tender approach, too. There are several types of rugs – oriental, hand-knotted, cashmere, decorative and many others – that should be really attentively maintained and sanitised. So, in case you have a delicate carpet, get ready for a perfect treatment, if you want a super and awesome home overall look:

  • Avoid beating them. You may like the idea of this old-fashioned method for carpet refreshment, but it is definitely not suitable for tiny and delicate materials. Continue reading

How to remove candle wax

How to remove candle waxCandle lights are the most perfect and fascinating way to make some romantic mood. If you add a fine wine and some really nice music, the effect will be extremely nice and unforgettable for you and your better half. Candlesticks, on the other hand, are retro, but still attractive and preferable décor for a stunning dining room or posh and original living room design.

Both suggestions – candle as an alternative for romantic lighting and candlesticks for home decoration – though, hide a risk! Yes – the sticky candle wax! It can drop on several things and it can quickly ruin them.

This won’t happen, if you know how to remove candle wax Continue reading

Errors in choosing company providing carpet cleaning

Errors in choosing professional carpet cleaning company We keep on debunking the myth that choosing the right professional company for carpet treatment is easy and that all of these famous firms are equal to qualities and efficiency. As a matter of fact, the way people are different, professional companies are also different. Some of them work with the most contemporary equipment, but their staffs are not qualified and experienced enough to satisfy client’s requires and demands. Other companies offer the most professional manpower, but the detergents and products they use won’t do for overall disinfection and sophisticated carpet refreshment. Read the next errors in choosing carpet cleaning company and try to avoid them in future: Continue reading

Revealing of Orient carpet cleaning tricks

Orient carpet cleaning tricks Globalisation is the process of international integration. This is the arising interchange of views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Generally, globalisation refers to processes that increase worldwide exchanges of national and cultural resources.

Today, globalisation affects to global market and exchange. People all over the world accept foreign habits. We are used to buy German cars, French perfumes, Italian shoes, Japanese technique and so on.

It became modern practice to furnish our homes and offices in a special cultural style.  World is so colourful – Wallpapers with Chinese type, Indian or African sculptures, Persian carpets. Continue reading