Sticky notes – how to use them at home?

Sticky notes – how to use them at homeDespite the development of technologies nowadays, sticky notes remain one of the best reminders…and much more. You can use them to organise your studies, office and household better.

When it comes to the latter, check out our pieces of advice on how to use sticky notes at home:

  • Organise your home – in this regard, sticky notes can be very useful. For example, if there is a confusing tangle of cables behind your computer or TV, then it is very hard to understand which appliance any of the cables is connected to. Instead, you can glue a wrapped sticky note to each of the cables and write down the name of the device, such as ‘Stereo’, ‘TV’, etc.

  • Use sticky notes to mark your food – if you live with more people in a tenement, then you might want to label your supplies. In this way you will be sure that nobody will eat it. Just write down your name and attach the note to the particular product. However, do not label every food of yours, just that which could be mistaken, such as eggs, for instance. Otherwise, it may seem rude to some people.

  • Leave messages – well, that’s what sticky notes are intended for, at the first place! Putting a sticky note on the door of the fridge – that is classic. Write down whatever you need to remind your housemates or family. In case of an approaching removal, you can use that method to organise the process of packing and post tenancy cleaning London.

  • Make a colourful plan or schedule. Add everything you have to do on separate sticky notes and arrange them in a beautiful way! Place them somewhere you can easily see them. You can write whatever you want – your duties at home, your studying tasks, etc.

  • Make a mosaic – if you are more creative person, then this idea is for you. This unusual decoration of your room could be an experiment for you! Take your time and make a great composition on your wall from…sticky notes!

  • Clean your keyboard – there are often little pieces of dust and dirt in the spaces between the keys of your keyboard. It is really hard to clean them well, so your London carpet cleaners recommend you use the adhesive strips of your sticky notes for that purpose.

You can always use sticky notes also through the application on your computer or mobile phone. But still, the traditional way is pretty useful, right?

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