Spring cleaning – effective tips for busy mоms

Effective spring cleaningBeing a mоm is harsh. Before facing it, you cannot even imagine how many efforts are needed to be perfect in everything – in parenting, in housekeeping and in the office.

Some mоms prefer to quit job for a while and surround her kid with the necessary attention and treatment, but others do not have this lucky chances and their obligations become even more.

No matter what – in spring – all the busy mоms get one extra task! It must have flashed upon you that spring home refreshment is what we are talking about! Yes, you are correct and to keep being correct in your obligations and tasks, we offer you a list of effective tips for busy moms! Use them when spring purge need arrives:

  • Make a checklist! Do not delude yourself that this is for dummies or for people, who are too absent-minded to forget everything. On the contrary – the more organised and prudent a person is, the more plans he usually does! Even on the laptop with a silly graphic for the obligations!

  • Arm yourself with the proper equipment. Once you order your priority in the spring sanitising, consider what you need for each of the missions! You can always use the accidental shop visitation for some pampers and get detergents, sponges and cloths for wiping!

  • Do not make a Superman of yourself. Nobody actually expects this from you! Provide yourself with some helpers. Your best friends or your girl gang from the office will be always glad to see you – even if the meeting is bound by some vacuuming, polishing or washing!

  • Start the right way! It is really unpleasant to start the spring tidying up at home with a heap of plates in the sink, a disordered living room and an overburdened laundry basket! So better do your regular domestic wiping in advance and then proceed in the deeper and the more thorough disinfection!

  • Spring cleaning is a typical top-to-bottom cleaning! Stick to this strategy and always start from the ceiling to the floor in each of the rooms.

  • Last, but not least, always prefer the easier way! You have a kid and professional life, so making things more difficult is not recommended. If you can figure out a faster and simpler way to remove some stains or to eliminate the chaos, use it!

Good luck, mommies! Stay calm and do your best – we are here and we support you!


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