Some interesting facts you didn’t know about your cleaner

Facts about your domestic cleanerYou should have used already a professional domestic cleaner to help you with the mess in the house. They come, do a great job and they are gone as soon as they receive their payment. But as for all invisible backstage workers there are some things that spark your interest and make you think about them. Here you will find amazing truths and shocking news about your maids.

Sad statistics

  • About 68% of the maids take a look at your private belongings, clothes and photos while left alone to clean. A shockingly high number but it is important to mention that this percentage is valid only for non-English speaking domestic cleaners. They are acquainted with the fact that personal information and data should not be published but private investigation never did any big harm.

  • According to recent study some 87% of all UK maids are emigrants. Surprisingly they do perform better in their job compared to the natives.  It has been proven that they are doing their best to keep their positions and to earn as much as possible. The language barrier is easily overcome with accuracy, punctuality and hard work.

Fun facts

  • You probably did not know but domestic cleaners do not tend to share their spare time with colleagues. They tend to go to a public library, social clubs of arts or evening school classes to improve their knowledge.

  • Amongst their most common hobbies are the crafts kits assembling and fishing. Cleaners prefer to relax in serenity instead of going clubbing or seeing a motion picture. They put the same energy and detail obsession in their hobbies as well.

  • About 34% of the female cleaners can also start a promising career in singing and they tend to sing along while sanitising your home.

  • Another 28% of all professionals are left-handed proving that they are creative and innovative people.

  • Only 3.8% tend to skip some of their duties. Most maidservants tend to double check their performance before receiving the payment.

Are you surprised of some facts? Could you share some curious things too?

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