Smart ideas for displaying family images and pictures at home

Family picturesFraming your sincerest memories and having the pleasure to watch at your most beloved people in the world every day at home are intimate parts of domestic atmosphere.

Displaying family images and pictures is the loveliest and the most touching art. The design conceptions come straight from your heart and the effect can never be disappointing or plain.

See some smart ideas for framed family art and choose this type of decoration for your own home environment:

  • Retro chronology – make black and white copies of the most exciting and intimate moments of your family life. Frame photos in old-fashioned oak frames or elegant crispy frames with simple and attractive design. Hang them on the white wall or arrange them on your decent office desk in the house.

  • Improvise with sizes and shapes – if you want to achieve some more original and creative interior, get photos with different sizes and put them in frames with various shapes. Put on display in the centre a big copy of your wedding and surround it with smaller images of your kids in a chronology of their childhood.

  • Make a super funny panel – you can also create an entire wall of your family pictures. Attach them to a panel and decorate with notices, symbolical pieces of important moments and pick up the most wonderful and fascinating picture frames.

  • Laundry photo wall – attach a colourful wire from one to the other corner of the room. Then use laundry pins or hooks to arrange photos of your kids, relatives and friends. To make it even cooler, frame the images and attach the frames with clipboards.

  • Few in one – get an enormous artistic frame and fill it with little images. Hang the decor in the warmest and cosiest place in your domestic environment and surround it with love, green plants or other adorning ornaments.

Is there something more sincere than having your most favourite and loved faces right in front of you every day at home? I guess no…Just let us warn you, in case you want to stick the images forever, don’t do it, if you live on a rent, because the post tenancy cleaning will be harsh with the unsticking part!

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