Sleep apnea – what’s that?

Sleep apnea - what's that?Sleep apnea is a disease, or more accurate a chronic sleeping disorder. It refers to stopping/ pauses in your breathing while you sleep, which may occur from several times during the night, up to 30 times an hour. What happens is that while you sleep, you suddenly stop breathing, and when you breathe again in, usually with a strong, loud snort.

  • How do you diagnose sleep apnea?- You cannot, until you go to the doctors, but even there, no blood tests or doctors investigation could easily diagnose sleep apnea, and that is because it only occurs during sleep. If you have a partner or you live with your family, you may be lucky that someone can discovers it.

  • What causes sleep apnea? Although it is not a rule, sleep apnea affects people who are overweight, or elderly people, whose throat muscles have loosened up. Some children may also experience sleep apnea, for example when their tonsils are larger than average.

  • What are the effects of sleep apnea? Sort terms effect is that you suffer poor quality of sleep, as with sleep apnea you usually pass from deep to shallow stage of sleep several times a night, thus your brain cannot rest properly. This will affect your daily routine and your job, no matter whether you work in the finances or in the carpet cleaning industry.  Long term effect scan be high blood pressure and all the risks connected to it, so treatment should be done as soon as you discover the condition.

  • What is the accurate treatment for sleep apnea? Rule number one, always trust the specialists. Like you would call a professional company for your end of tenancy cleaning, you would also have to call a professional to cure you out from your condition.  Treatment can be conservative and operative, depending on the stage of sleep apnea and health status of the patient.

You do not need to get scared if you have a form of sleep apnea. This is a chronic disorder with which a lot of people live without even having an idea. As soon as you discover it, however, you need to take precautions, call a doctor, change your eating habits and start exercising to improve your health.

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