Simple DIY summer cleaning

Summer sanitisingWith the advent of summer, new housekeeping tasks become imperative. As with any other new season, summer comes with the necessity of seasonal cleaning at home, as well! Summer cleaning is as essential and beneficial for pleasant living environment as any other seasonal cleaning – Spring Cleaning or Winter cleaning. Calling the professional cleaning agents back at home and put up with giving more money in waste is as a matter of fact unnecessary.

Today’s contemporary world, and mostly the global virtual network web, is full of amazing, cheap and easy to be done DIY projects. You can Do It Yourself, when it comes to home cleaning in summer, too! A simple checklist and some ordinary cleaning supplies are everything you need to adjust your living environment for the new season and the climate conditions. Check out our summer cleaning tips and get informed about the best cleaning solutions for the upcoming summer season:

  • Start dealing with the mess and ordering. The most important thing now is to move away all of the winter equipment and clothes and to replace them with the summer personal belongings. Clean the cabinets, closet and shelves in advance! Then you can freely arrange your most favorite summer dresses and the hit of this fashion season – your brand new pencil skirt!

  • Clean the windows, but remember that dust is in a huge amount during summer. So, prepare yourself for daily wiping and common sanitising. Instead of expensive cleaning products and supplies, you can use ordinary newspapers and some distilled water! One bottle of it will be enough for the entire hot and dusty summer!

  • Refresh and disinfect the vent system. Turn it off at first and then use alcohol and toothbrush to sanitise the hard-to-reach places! Read the manual instructions in advance. Beware not to damage the system and end up with a really hot summer at home!

  • Perform thorough carpet cleaning and then move the rug out from the floor. It could be colder and more pleasant to walk on concrete, marble or stone floor surface. Plus the stains in summertime are several, so don’t risk your carpets and rugs!

Meet the warm summer season with neat and tidy living area! If you’re too busy to sanitise, rely on your local professional cleaning company!

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