Revealing of Orient carpet cleaning tricks

Orient carpet cleaning tricks Globalisation is the process of international integration. This is the arising interchange of views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Generally, globalisation refers to processes that increase worldwide exchanges of national and cultural resources.

Today, globalisation affects to global market and exchange. People all over the world accept foreign habits. We are used to buy German cars, French perfumes, Italian shoes, Japanese technique and so on.

It became modern practice to furnish our homes and offices in a special cultural style.  World is so colourful – Wallpapers with Chinese type, Indian or African sculptures, Persian carpets.

Oriental carpets for example are widespread not only in Asia and Africa, but in Europe as well. They are a symbol of prestige and it’s an excellent choice to have one at home. They are with diversified colours, shapes, size, stripes and textile. These cultural masterpieces are so hard to be safe. It’s a question of many efforts not to smudge “Aladdin’s rug”. If you begrime such kind of carpet, you should know how to clean in safely. The biggest manufacturers of Oriental carpets are Iran, Chinese, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, India and Morocco.  Oriental hosts have several tricks of removing tenacious spots.

It’s time to reveal the secrets of Orient. Check them out:

  • You must know that most of original oriental carpets are made of natural textiles – camel wool, Kashmir and etc. According to that, you are not allowed to use strong detergents (Just imagine that you bathe a sheep – innocent youngling would not be happy to be washed with washing powder).

  • It’s better to use cool, but not cold, neither hot water.

  • In every three months you have to vacuum the carpet both sides, not only the upper one. Using a vacuum cleaner must be slow and gentle process.

  • After the general washing of the carpet, it’s time to conserve the incredible colours of the rug.  For the conservation you must make a mixture of water and a little vinegar. Vinegar helps colours to remain vivid, bright and unique. That’s a techniques, shared by experts in house cleaning.

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