Restore the glass home items with rice!

Restore the glass items with riceGlass items at home are a lot. With them a lot of cleaning issues also appear. At least you must have been in a big dilemma how to polish a super expensive vase without breaking it. Other housekeepers have still no idea how to sanitise bottles. They may rinse them in the sink, but reaching the bottoms becomes a total brain teaser! We have one simple solution for all of you and for all of your narrow and delicate glassware at home – rice! Yes, you have read it correctly – rice is the natural cleanser for all your glass items. It removes bacteria and it is amazing in scrubbing old spots. Besides – it is commonly available at home and it is cheap!

  • Start with a little test! Get an ordinary glass cup and fill it with distilled water or white vinegar. Both alternatives are equally suitable and effective to get into a reaction with the rice. Then, empty half handful of rice. Start shaking the cup till the rice covers the inner surfaces. Few seconds later – the glass is sparkling and shining!

  • You can use the same technique for other glassware from your home appliances. Vases with narrow mouths may be at least filled with water. Make sure the water has covered the entire vessel. Then place few rice grains and wait a couple of minutes. If you have some other overall house cleaning chores, go and do them. When you come back, the vases will blind you from their amazing brilliance!

  • The old-fashioned rice treatment of glass items is even suitable for lamps and chandeliers. Take them down and place them in a glass bowl. Fill with water and make sure the lamp is covered. Now, put the rice in the vessel and wait for the effect. No scrubbing, no polishing and no even 1 single move from your part is needed! The rice makes the magic by itself.

There is no need to book professional home cleaning services or cast your old and dirty glassware away. Till you can save some rice from your risotto recipe, you will have glossy glass items at home!

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