Removing paint with baby oil

Removing paint with baby oilThere are things around our home that can do much more than we think. Multitasking is not only option of the smartphones. From object to substances, home can be a laboratory with more than the eyes can see. Baby oil is one of these substances, it’s moisturising with nice to no smell and… it can remove paint.

  1. From your skin. When you remodel your home, you paint yourself and you run out of paint remover, look if you have baby oil. Wash the part with the paint with soap and water. Wipe it with clean cloth and soak cotton balls with the oil. Start rubbing gently the cotton over the paint splash inward. Apply a couple of times and if the cotton is too dirty take new one, till the paint is gone. Apply baby oil on the skin and wash with soap and water.

  2. On paint brushes. If you are artist baby oil can help with the oil paint removing both from your hands and your brushes, but before using the brushes again, wash them with turpentine, because the oil can spoil your paint.

  3. From leather. Like the removing paint or latex from skin. But be careful if you use it during the regular cleaning to remove accidental splashes on leather sofa or armchair. Oil being oil can make some pretty nasty stains on carpet or clothes.

  4. Carnival make-up or face paint. Super baby oil can help here too, adding bonus benefits of softer skin and no tears if it’s get in the eyes. It’s harmless for children’s eyes too if other hasn’t been mentioned on the bottle.

  5. White correction fluid removal. If during the tenancy cleaning, it happens to spill a bottle of white-out or bucket of paint, quickly get the baby oil. And if you are moving out and you see traces of the renovation, baby oil can still be solution, but it will need some time to soak into the paint and to soften it. Use tissue or cotton to collect the paint and to remove the traces.

You can find many other purposes of this “magic” oil. If it’s alternative to some toxic product, you know what you should choose.

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