Regular or one off cleaning service?

Regular or one off cleaning?My house turned into a real mess without me even noticing it! Yes, I’m not a cleaning freak, but I’m not such a messy person, too. How did that happen? Oh, no matter how hard I think about it, my house won’t clean by itself. I need help. Professional help. My friends.

Ok, my friends refused to help me, but gave me some good advices. The best one was “Get a maid!” But… Do I really need a maid? Yeah, I know, between work and… work there is no time left for me to clean, but… Maid?!

I tried to figure out what I really need – one good one off cleaning to dig up the whole mess or regular domestic cleaning to keep up with the constant chores. Both have their good sides.

Well, let’s see… If I book one off cleaning, the company will clean for a day. No contracts, no obligations, no strangers in my home. But also my home will stay clean for that very same day. And the next morning the mess will attack me again. No, one off cleaning is not an option.

So, let’s see, hiring regular domestic cleaner might be a good idea. I will have a clean home for at least one day of the week. And if this day coincides with my only day off work, it will be perfect. Or is it actually that perfect – the cleaning lady will have access to my private space, to my computer, to my whole life, (un)organized in every aspect of my house… Private home cleaner who will probably judge me for my lifestyle and chat about my dirty habits with the other maids when they go out for a drink. Am I ok with this? As far as I don’t know, may be… Not sure…

Regular domestic cleaning is a commitment. I will have some responsibilities for that lady. But you can’t eat the cake and have it too. Compromises. May be the cleaning maid will be a nice person. Or if not, I could change her any time. I have enough money to afford the service. Where is the problem. Am I too independent? Or indecisive?

All right, I made a decision. I will hire a company for a good spring cleaning, then if I see thing are not going well for my tidiness (which is almost certain) I’ll give it a try for a regular domestic cleaning. May be that’s more appropriate for my lifestyle. The truth is I can’t handle the housework by myself. I’m starting to look for some nice company to bring some order to my life!

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