Regular Domestic cleaning on weekly basis

Housekeeping on a regular basisRegular home cleaning is regular, because you usually pick up an appropriate for your schedule period of time for repeating simple house maintenance. Whether it is a daily cleaning routine or a fortnightly domestic cleaning, the entire job is focused on preserving home hygiene and permanent convenience for you and your family. Simple cleaning chores are actually the easiest way to achieve constant cosiness at home. Healthy living environment also require some periodically applied efforts in housekeeping and home cleaning.

Check out some really good tips for domestic regular cleaning on a weekly basis. You can use one of your free days from the weekend or choose the hated Monday to finish half of your weekly duties from the beginning of the working week. Use the following domestic cleaning checklist to preserve your home clean, pure and sanitised! Use it in order to have your home fresh every week without some serious exertions or big expenses:

  • Wipe the furniture, polish the shelves and remove all of the dust from the cabinets in each room at home!

  • Sanitise the toilet seat and refresh the bath tub!

  • Disinfect all of the sinks at home – tap them at first, apply some strong disinfector and let the mixture to absorb the germs for a couple of minutes! Then, rinse, and do the dishes!

  • Mop the floor and vacuum the carpets! Be attentive with the delicate carpets – they don’t need that frequent sanitising! Use some Scotchgard Protector to prevent them from quick spoiling!

  • Spray against bugs at home and then let all of the windows opened to air the premises! Avoid toxins by getting out of your house, too! Use the time to clean up the patio and wash the garden furniture!

  • Declutter in the end – when you finish with bacteria removal and disinfection of the surfaces, start arranging your personal belongings. Don’t pile the objects, but let some free space between them! Thus, you can easily wipe the gaps during the week and make some cleaning, when you have enough free time!

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