Questionable rental fees to avoid

Rental fees to avoidHave you ever thought of joining the war against the impudent and cheeky landlords, who ruin tenants’ lives daily? Don’t you think that there are lots of things you should not do, but you keep doing because of the fear of eviction? To tell you the truth, these fears are pointless since most of the landlords’ claims are actually illegal. See some questionable rental fees to avoid – because you are just not obeyed to pay them!

  • Too high and excessive fees for payment delay. Ok, there is a retributive charge in case you are always late with payment, but they should not exceed a particular percentage of the rental cost.

  • Fees for overnight guests, parties, loud music or holidays. We are all humans. So does your landlord. When he has guests, he does not have to pay the neighbours, does he? If the noise is too loud, the policemen are those, who will punish.

  • Application fees and extra contract signing charging. There are no such fees, so you should just forget about paying them. It is not even about reducing, but about refusing being charged for such things.

  • Paying the tenancy cleaners. This is either your landlord’s job, or the previous tenants’ job. You are not obliged to clean someone’s mess, are you?

  • Repair and renovation fees. If something like the drains, electric device included in the property household belongings, breaks, your landlord has the duty to repair it. As to the improvements, they should be repaid to you.

  • Redecorating and house cleaning fees. This is your right and you can hire professionals to do these chores. Though, you do not have to pay for them, but execute them on your own.

  • Non-refundable deposits. There are no such things, either. All deposits are named deposits because they are supposed to be refunded.

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