Practical use of shampoo in the household

Shampoo in householdHere are a few practical idea of how to put the shampoo in use, apart from the obvious one.

If you have bought a shampoo which does not suit your hair type, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t throw it right away:

Refreshing leather handbags and shoes
All you need is a little shampoo and a clean cloth. Apply a few drops of the shampoo on the problematic areas in a circular motion to clear the dirt from them and you will see the true shade of your accessories again. Furthermore, the shampoo will not allow some unpleasant stains to appear on your shoes.

Zipper Repair
If you have a clothing whose zipper is stuck and does not want to move, you can solve the problem by placing a drop of shampoo on a cotton stick and move it along the zipper.

Return the looks of a shrunken sweater
If you have washed a sweater using the wrong program that it is now shrunk, you can retrieve its standard size using only baby shampoo and warm water. Soak the fabric for 20 minutes, remove it from the water without squeezing and place it in the sink. Rinse the sweater with clean water and place it on a towel so that you can reel in. Allow the towel to absorb the moisture and put the sweater on a dry tissue. Pull the fabric to regain its original form and as it dries, smooth it with hands. The processing of the tissue is somewhat tricky, but will return the garment shape.

Wash house plants
Clean up the accumulated dirt on the indoor plants with a mixture of a few drops of shampoo and water. Wipe their leaves gently with a soft cloth and then with a dry one.

Substitute the shaving foam
Use shampoo to soften the skin and the hairs instead of shaving foam. Shampoo is a much better option than soap because it doesn’t dry the skin.

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