Add some romantic elements in your bedroom

Romantic elements in the bedroomOnce you get in someone’s bedroom you can tell that you know them intimately. How to decorate it and what elements to add to make it more romantic and appealing? There are some details that can make you feel more secure and peaceful in your bedroom than anywhere else.

  • Candles – old but gold touch that automatically turns people on romantic mode. Separate or in groups candles incorporate the fire element and by the rules of feng shui this warms up the room in the good sense.

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How did your granny clean her rugs?

Old cleaning tricksOnce upon a time there were few decades, when people were used to count on their smart techniques for cleansing home items and premises. These people did not use professional cleaning services. They were quite limited in their commercial detergent choices, too. Though, they had amazing homes with fresh, stunning and healthy air. One of these people was your granny, by the way. How did she manage to disinfect the house? It was not easy, but she was definitely working like blazes for it. See how your granny cleaned her rugs: Continue reading

Questionable rental fees to avoid

Rental fees to avoidHave you ever thought of joining the war against the impudent and cheeky landlords, who ruin tenants’ lives daily? Don’t you think that there are lots of things you should not do, but you keep doing because of the fear of eviction? To tell you the truth, these fears are pointless since most of the landlords’ claims are actually illegal. See some questionable rental fees to avoid – because you are just not obeyed to pay them! Continue reading

Simple DIY summer cleaning

Summer sanitisingWith the advent of summer, new housekeeping tasks become imperative. As with any other new season, summer comes with the necessity of seasonal cleaning at home, as well! Summer cleaning is as essential and beneficial for pleasant living environment as any other seasonal cleaning – Spring Cleaning or Winter cleaning. Calling the professional cleaning agents back at home and put up with giving more money in waste is as a matter of fact unnecessary. Continue reading

Using microfiber cleaning cloths for everything

Using microfiber cleaning clothRecently, we have come up to a forum discussion, where people were talking over the microfiber cloth subject. It turned out that this magical cloth can be used for dozens of household chores. They are great for deeper and more thorough sanitising, but they are also amazing for a quick clear-up of the house, as well. See some practical uses of microfiber cloth in house cleaning and get inspired to get more of it: Continue reading

Your microwave gives a hand with the housework

Microwave in the kitchenMicrowaves are one of the wonders of our world. Those devices help us serve dinner for less than 10 minutes, defrost, warm and boil any hard or liquid food product put inside. But besides these “basic” functions, microwaves can have much extensive and supporting role in the household. The only thing you must do is let your imagination fly and you will find out a lot of ways you microwave can help. Here below, we’ve gathered some practical applications of your friend in the kitchen – your microwave. Check them out and make your life of housekeeper easier: Continue reading

How to sanitise the humidifier?

Sanitise the humidifierHaving a humidifier at home is a total blessing. It is very suitable for dry seasons. Besides, it keeps your living space in a good healthy condition by removing the bacteria and all kinds of allergen from the air. Though, you cannot get these amazing benefits from your home humidifier if you do not show it some respect. The constant and proper maintenance is essential, so find out how to sanitise the humidifier with our simple tutorial: Continue reading

7 sins of first-time renters

7 sins of first time rentersA removal is expecting you and you are about to visit few houses given for renting or an apartment search is ahead of you? Well, this is a huge complex process, so make sure everything will go smoothly and finely. If you are a total freshman in finding a decent place for renting, see some things you should not do, while seeking for your newest living space. These are the top 7 sins of a first-time renter. Check them out and do not do these mistakes for anything in life: Continue reading

Restore the glass home items with rice!

Restore the glass items with riceGlass items at home are a lot. With them a lot of cleaning issues also appear. At least you must have been in a big dilemma how to polish a super expensive vase without breaking it. Other housekeepers have still no idea how to sanitise bottles. They may rinse them in the sink, but reaching the bottoms becomes a total brain teaser! We have one simple solution for all of you and for all of your narrow and delicate glassware at home – rice! Yes, you have read it correctly – rice is the natural cleanser for all your glass items. It removes bacteria and it is amazing in scrubbing old spots. Besides – it is commonly available at home and it is cheap! Continue reading