Ideas for speedup conservatory windows cleaning

Ideas for speedup conservatory windows cleaningHaving a conservatory – winter garden, we mean – at home, is a total blessing for us! Such a great home premise turns your domestic life into a wonderful fairy tale! And you live inside it all the time. Simply amazing! Of course, this is a huge investment, if you want to make such an improvement! And it is a total harsh issue, if you have it, and you need to keep it clean, fresh and intact. Since we love home conservatories so much, we would like to give you some ideas for speedup conservatory window cleaning: Continue reading

Break these decorating rules and transform the defect in stunning effect

Decorating rulesRules need to be left behind sometimes. If our ancestors haven’t broken them long ago we would have still lived in caves. When it comes to fashion and decorating rules breaking them is mandatory if you want to create bold and stunning rooms. Here are a couple of rules you can break with clear conscience. Expect amazing outcome, because you will transform the defect in magnificent effect:

  1. Paint on the ceiling. The boldest thing you can make – start the rebellion from the top. Pictures are not reserved only for castles and churches. Monochronic or colorful it’s your choice – even if you want you can put extra decoration like stars or gypsum elements. It will bring all eyes on you. Continue reading

How to overcome the no-redecorating ban in a rental?

How to overcome the no-redecorating ban in a rentalThere are different landlords across UK and unfortunately, most of them really love putting bans on your domestic life. Sometimes, potential tenants are ready to accept them, because they feel pressed by time and money to afford some other property. One of the most popular bans, by the way, is the no-redecorating. Somehow, landlords across the entire Great Britain prefer to stay old-fashioned and they do not allow their tenants to change anything in the properties. On the other side, every tenant desires to make everything possible in order to turn the foreign house into their brand new own home. We will tell you how to overcome the no-redecorating ban in rental with some hints, but you need to work with your imagination, too: Continue reading

Monochrome rooms – what’s that?

Monochrome roomsMonochrome style is one of hardest to achieve. Creating such a room demands good preparation. You must have planned everything to last detail, even before you have started any work on transforming your place. Check out the following information and make your choice depending on your preferences: Continue reading

How men evaluate their maids’ job

Gender differencesWe are all people… but we are different and probably the most frequent difference comes from our genders. According to this, there are differences even in our perception of world, others’ actions, etc. We even see our housekeepers’ work differently. Here, we will pay attention of the factors, which are important for men when they evaluate their maid’s work. Continue reading

How to find some place for your favourite foosball table?

How to find some place for your favourite foosball tableDo you like watching football or you are a really dedicated fan? You may wonder what the difference is. Well, the first ones enjoy watching a game on the TV from time to time. But only the real fan supports a certain team, knows lots about it, has souvenirs (probably accessories, cups, etc.) with their logo. They watch every single match that their favourite team participates in. They don’t miss any kind of championship or a league. Furthermore, the real fan knows much about the game itself. The biggest fans, however, enjoy not only watching but playing football as well. What happens when you are one of them but you can’t play for some reason? No suitable place, no free time…You have to find a solution. That could be the so-called foosball. Continue reading

Make your oven look like brand new again!

Oven cleaningOven cleaning is a task of supreme difficulty in the hierarchy of the home cleaning duties. Usually we don’t take care of it when we cook and this ends up like a bunch of “beautiful” stains around our oven that are closely to impossible to be cleaned. There are a couple of things you can do to turn this essential appliance to its initial appearance and indeed:

Heavy weapons. Sometimes the usual measures are helpless so you need to take out the heavy ones, in this case professional degreasers or the more ecological way – water, baking soda and vinegar.  In both cases, use of rubber gloves is mandatory for your own safety. First option is faster in degreasing, but takes more time to be removed and possible stains on clothes and carpets are not easy for cleaning. The water with baking soda should be left one night to work and after the cleaning, you spray vinegar that makes chemical reaction with the soda and after wiping the procedure is finished. Continue reading

Is there a formula for an always clean office space?

Is there a formula for an always clean office spaceHorrible deadlines, impossible to be done tasks, pressure due to your manager’s requirements for a better work and all that tiredness are factors that make you forget about the office hygiene. In fact, not every working space is dirty, grimy and full of dust due to its owner’s neglected attitude to cleanliness. On the contrary – we all want to work in a neat, fresh and nice place – but not all of us can afford this luxury social state. Though, there is a way for you, fellows, too! All you need to do is find out the formula for an always clean office space. Before reading it, let us warn you – it is not one single action that will guarantee you an eternal office convenience, but a complex of simple tasks you can easily perform daily or weekly: Continue reading

Removing paint with baby oil

Removing paint with baby oilThere are things around our home that can do much more than we think. Multitasking is not only option of the smartphones. From object to substances, home can be a laboratory with more than the eyes can see. Baby oil is one of these substances, it’s moisturising with nice to no smell and… it can remove paint. Continue reading

10 tips on decorating a rental

Decorating a rentalThe biggest task a tenant has, when he moves to his brand new, but rented, house is to make it look like a real home. Bringing some personality, charm and convenience to a tenement, though, isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to put all of your imagination and to conduct it to your landlord’s requirements. Also, you could be tight by your budget (since the rental prices aren’t that low yet) and budget-friendly ideas for adorning a house are always welcomed. We have gathered the most budget-friendly conceptions for making a rental look like a real home! See our 10 tips on decorating a rental. Get inspired by them and use them as a base: Continue reading