Check out these popular Christmas candy options!

Sweet treats for ChristmasCan you imagine Christmas holidays without those classic, attractive Christmas candy recipes? Of course, not. Our festive mood is always stimulated by seductive sweet treat and we are so used to this, that we can’t think of a wonderful Christmas holiday without these delicious delicacies. Actually, we have picked for you some of the most preferred Christmas candy alternatives. Check them out and share which are your favourite ones:   Continue reading

7 signs that you are a grown-up

Realizing that you are adultThere are certain moments in life when you actually understand that you are not a child anymore, not even a teen. Some of us realize it harder and for some it’s just natural step in life. How exactly person understands that he or she is way too old to keep stuffed toys and cars if they don’t have great material or sentimental value? Here are a couple of traces that show you have been transferred to the “adult” level: Continue reading

Stop wasting money! Here are the 5 autumn items your wardrobe needs

Stop wasting money with these 5 autumn itemsNow, when autumn is here, expenses went too high again. Unfortunately, things will not get better. Or at least they will not till the summer comes back. In these harsh days, money might not be enough for some airs and graces. And clothing is part of these things. Instead of making compromises with your appearance, see our wise solution. Check out the 5 items your wardrobe needs for the upcoming autumn. They are completely enough! Continue reading

The art of the candle making

How to make candles at homeIs there something better than giving warmth and light as gift? No, this is not stupid romantic movie. It’s an interesting and a bit unusual idea for the coming celebrations. Candles are something that you can find almost everywhere, but special homemade sticks are rare and really can melt the receiver’s heart. Choose an aroma and color that best fits your idea and don’t be afraid to experiment. Here are a couple of directions how to practice your new craft at home. Continue reading

Autumn decoration for your balcony

Great ideas for autumn decorations  for your balconyBring autumn magic everywhere at home – in the rooms, in the garden or even at the front door. That way you will make your home more comfortable and colourful. Don’t miss your balcony as well. Check out our easy-to-do ideas for autumn decoration of that part of your house:

  • Include autumn flowers – chrysanthemums are one of the symbols of autumn. That is why they will be an excellent addition to balcony interior. Place the flowers in baskets, metal buckets or orange pots. You could wrap the pot with string or yarn. Continue reading

7 factors that make love “escape” from family life

Family life problemsFamily life must be determined as a living organism. It changes, suffers, gets sick and blossoms, too! If you abandon your marriage emotionally, expect sooner breakdown. But why letting this happen? Better see the 7 factors that make love go away from family life:

  1. Pointless paranoia. There are people, who are just obsessed by the thought they aren’t loved, respected and cared for. The problem might get even worse, if the cheating factor comes. Continue reading

Where to add the hammock at home?

hammock at homeHammock is something that we all would like to have at home. For some reason, it symbolises a sweet relaxation, home cosiness and plenty of lovely emotions, while doing just nothing. Indeed, few hours on the hammock, a person can relax for sure! But how to bring all of these at home, too? You might think that hammock has no place for your own home. Though, you are wrong, because we are about to share with you several ideas. They will tell you where to add the hammock at home. Check them out: Continue reading

How to be fair and devoted single parent?

Devoted single parentBeing a parent is a hard task. Being single parent is something between challenge, adventure and disaster. To be good at it, you need excellent management skills, a lot of patience and just natural talent for parenting. If you don’t have these, don’t worry, no one was born with all needed knowledge. You can get a couple of advices and become what you are not yet. Continue reading

Check out this colour obsession – flamingo pink for your bedroom!

Flamingo pink for your bedroomIt’s bold, it’s bright and it’s girly – flamingo pink. This exotic bird’s colouration has always been a statement of extraordinary taste. You simply can’t hide with this shade on your clothing or in your home design. But hiding is not the point anyway, right?! Check how you can use it in the bedroom without throwing the style out and without getting head ache from the intensity. Continue reading

Why your next home might not need a bathtub

Bathroom - yes or noFashion changes and homes change too, even those little rooms that seem so traditional and have a specific use as the bathroom. According to the latest trends, people don’t want to use bathtubs anymore. But with reducing of the sweet water all around the world, this trend isn’t that unexplainable. What will be the bathrooms of tomorrow?

  1. Grow in size. Showers take more and more space now. They started as compact boxes and now they take bigger places. Showers are larger with straight lines, as preferable are the square shapes with very low bottom. Continue reading