Are antibacterial sponges healthier than regular?

Are antibacterial sponges healthier than regularWhen it comes to cleaning, we all know that we need to use the best cleaning detergents. The best cleaning detergents, however are different for everyone. Some if us prefer to use strong cleaning products that can easily disinfect all the surfaces and things in the house. For them, these are the best products. Others, prefer to use eco-friendly products, so they avoid the eventual harmful effects of the strong chemicals, that they could cause to the nature and the health. We think that everyone needs to be cautious about the ingredients of the cleaning liquids because they might have harmful effects. On the other hand, the eco-friendly products not always can cope with the grime, grease and the accumulated through the years dirt. Together with the cleaning, we really need to think about the disinfection of the surfaces and appliances. Here are some facts, that back up the statement that the antibacterial sponges and wipes are healthier than the regular ones: Continue reading

Make your hotel stay healthier with these easy steps

Make your hotel stay healthier with these easy steps Everyone loves vacations – tasty cocktails on the beach, relaxing around the swimming pool with a good book, etc. However, a vacation can sometimes be ruined by various things. Actually there are simple rules to follow and you will have wonderful holiday with your friends or relatives. Here are a few tricks of how to make your hotel stay healthier. Check them out: Continue reading

Attract love on Valentine’s Day thanks to Feng Shui

Feng Shui for love Valentine’s Day is knocking on our door and it is good to be prepared to meet it with your better half. You can find so many advices as you browse the web, but we want to help by offering you some feng shui tips to facilitate love for Valentine’s Day. Check them out: Continue reading

The stained glass – play with colours and decorate your home!

Decorate your home with stained glassOne of the modern ways of decoration is stained glass. It is widely applied in churches, temples, cathedrals and other notable monumental buildings. Today it is increasingly applied in interior design at home. The stained glass, as a craft and an art, requires artistic skills to create precise design; and technical thought, in order, in assembling the ornament base, the window could endure its weight and that of decorating items. Stained glass can be called art forever, because it is skillfully kept over the centuries. Learn more: Continue reading

3 extremely dangerous driving habits

Most dangerous driving habitsDriving is a very responsible task. When you’re behind the wheel, you are responsible not only for your own life, but also for the life of the other passengers in your car. Being a part of the traffic, you have to comply with the rights of other drivers too. There is no doubt that we know excellently these things. Despite that, we often break the rules. Check out these 3 dangerous habits and avoid them by all means: Continue reading

Retro-Style Tech – modern trends

Vintage style in tech designRetro trends and especially Vintage styles have arrived drastically in the modern world these days. The designs, shapes, structures and forms are bravely adopted by the 40s and 50s in several spheres – clothing and shoe fashion, home interior and exterior conceptions, architecture approach and even technology! The electric and electricity gadgets of this season combine the multi functions, features and abilities from future with the appearance and view of the retro style! And the effect is completely amazing and unique! Now see the retro-style tech offers and today’s modern trends: Continue reading

Check out these popular New Year’s resolutions!

What are the most popular New Year's resolutions2014 year is already behind our back and it’s time to look ahead towards our goals for the New Year. There is no doubt that you have already set your resolutions and you intend to be serious and to follow your goals. We suggest you to read the rows below and to see if some of your targets coincide with these popular and widespread resolutions: Continue reading

Do you know these unpopular facts about love?

What you don't know about loveExcept all the popular ideas, connected with love, there are other less popular facts, that are associated with this wonderful feeling. The vision of love that comes to light from the latest science research requires a radical change. If we consider love from different perspective, our body’s perspective, we will find out some interesting truths. Actually, love is not an ordinary sexual desire, romance or special connection you feel with your beloved family. Probably, love is neither unconditional, nor long-lasting. The conclusion is that love, as our bodies experience it, is just a micro-moment of bond, shared with another person. Learn more now: Continue reading