For all those spots we forget in end of tenancy cleaning

For All Those Spots We Forget in End of Tenancy CleaningWhen the removal comes, people get in such a panic that they even forget to execute some of their agenda tasks. Thankfully, only few will pass the packing and the transportation duties, but in the deep and the thorough end of tenancy cleaning, there are many significant spots a tenant can forget and risk his or her tenancy deposit. So here are some of the basic and most common things and places we forget in the top-to-bottom move out cleaning program. Continue reading

Classical music as remedy

Classical music as remedyListening to classical music is often prescribed as an adjunct to women wishing to become pregnant. Pediatricians do recommend a daily 30-minute “reception” of lyrical sonatas and symphonies, in order to soothe crying babies too. What turns the notes of Chopin and Bach in from aesthetic delight in a remedy? Continue reading

If your kid is a left-handed person

If your kid is a left-handed personYou have cute and clever child. It grows and changes every day. At some point, however, you understand that it is different from others … because it is a lefty. For many parents, this feature is a kind of punishment. And is it indeed so? Why for some people the left hand dominates? How to help your child to fully adapt to our right-handed world.

  • We’ll start with one fact – left-handed people around the world are becoming more and more. And it is mostly the result of the fact that nowadays nobody combats leftism and nobody tries to “fix” it. Continue reading

Sleep apnea – what’s that?

Sleep apnea - what's that?Sleep apnea is a disease, or more accurate a chronic sleeping disorder. It refers to stopping/ pauses in your breathing while you sleep, which may occur from several times during the night, up to 30 times an hour. What happens is that while you sleep, you suddenly stop breathing, and when you breathe again in, usually with a strong, loud snort. Continue reading

Blueberries – a little treasure

Benefits of BlueberriesDo you love blueberries? Do you know that purple tongue and even teeth after delicious adventures with blueberries are actually a result of the substances in blueberries called polyphenols. Exactly these substances have anti-diabetic properties and are very useful for the heart. They improve the blood circulation and also protect against atherosclerosis. Learn more: Continue reading

Spring allergies – learn more details!

Facts about spring allergiesYou will recognize the allergy sufferer easily. Handkerchief is almost always in his hand, ready to come to the rescue. The eyes are red and with tears, and once started sneezing, he does it several times. No matter what profession, what sex is, at what age and where he lives, this is the man suffering from spring allergies. The causes of this seasonal nuisance are microscopic. The knowledge of them, as well as early detection of the exact variety, can help you to deal with allergies, if you are among the affected. Continue reading

What does your sofa say about you?

What does your sofa say about youThe way you design your place can tell us a lot of things about you and the type of person you are. The colors you use when painting the walls, what type of carpet you like, the style – if you like modern furniture or you are more keen on the retro style. These are all things that can tell someone what type of person you are. There are things from your character that can be found out just with a look on your sofa. Here is what we know about it. Continue reading