How to inspire your boyfriend for household chores

How to inspire your boyfriend for household choresPassion for cleanliness and order is traditionally attributed to women. Men are raised with the idea that they are designed to solve a global problem such as how mankind can get to Mars. They do not even notice that the house desperately need cleaning. There is a variety of techniques, thanks to which man can be attracted to domestic work. It is important to choose the most appropriate one: Continue reading

The best way to clean your oven with eco-friendly products

The best way to clean your oven with eco-friendly products

Every passionate cook knows how important it is to have clean kitchen appliances. Have you ever gone to a restaurant where the food smelled really bad? Well, it’s due to irregular cleaning of the oven. Anyway, let’s concentrate on the best ways to clean the oven at your home. Whenever you think of an effective approach towards that unpleasant cleaning task, the first thing that comes to your mind is to go to the supermarket and grab a cleaning product. Have you ever thought about the side effects toxic cleaning products have? If you want to avoid using dangerous chemicals, here are a few handy tips on how to clean your kitchen appliance with harmless products: Continue reading

Make your child love sports

Make your child love sportsSports are part of our nature, a distant memory from the time when the fittest were the only ones to survive. Nowadays sports are one important component of the healthy living. But you cannot do something that you love, so how to make your child to love sports and to live healthy instead of staying all day in front of the computer or the TV? Continue reading

Wonderful benefits of soursop

Wonderful benefits of soursopSoursop fruit has many benefits for the body – all this is due to the many vitamins and minerals contained in the green and ovate in shape fruit. Useful are, however, not only the fruits of the plant, but the bark and leaves of the tree. Soursop is extremely rich in almost all the B vitamins and vitamin C. The fruit helps to regulate high blood pressure. Here below, find some more details: Continue reading

Invite the nature indoors

Invite the nature indoorsNature is our home. No matter with how thick walls we surround ourselves, we are always drawn toward outdoor spaces, forests, fields, seaside and so on. Even if you like industrial or urban design, probably a part of you wants to keep in touch with the wild, untamed part of your being. There is always a way to incorporate natural element in your domestic surrounding. Continue reading

The jewels that make you classy

The jewels that make you classyThe right piece of jewel can change your look from “nothing special” to “fairytale princess”. In our mind these kind of jewels are always imaginary, indeed they are quite ordinary and can be found for less than a million. To look expensive and to be expensive are two different things, so just check the next couple of rules and see how easy is to pick the perfect jewel. Continue reading

Coloring books for adults – modern way to deal with stress

Coloring books for adults - modern way to deal with stressDo you think that coloring is just for kids, and you’ve survived this long passion? It is time to reconsider this point of view. Coloring books for adults are a total hit at the market. In addition millions of copies are sold and in circulation in Amazon. Some of them are sold in convenient kits with frames and appropriate markers to obtain a beautiful and bright colors. The other is from you – supposedly the grown-up kid in you. Continue reading

5 mistakes you make, planning your children’s room

Common mistakes when planning a children`s roomWhen planning your children’s room you want the best for your kids. Sometimes in our pursue of perfection, we make mistakes that are not only wrong, but they can be also dangerous. Here is what you’ve messed up when you were organizing the room of your kid: Continue reading

The plant Croton – the motley aristocrat at your home

The plant Croton - the motley aristocrat at your homeThey say it’s fickle and it doesn’t grow in any location. No wonder – though such colorful artistry as Croton wants some cares. In nature, it grows as a shrub and comes from Southeast Asia and effectively combines its colors depending on whether it has enough heat, light and moisture. The best thing about it are the leaves ranging from yellow to green, red and brown. Here are more details: Continue reading