Monochrome rooms – what’s that?

Monochrome roomsMonochrome style is one of hardest to achieve. Creating such a room demands good preparation. You must have planned everything to last detail, even before you have started any work on transforming your place. Check out the following information and make your choice depending on your preferences:

  • The look

Monochrome, as it comes from its name, means that you have to focus on only one colour. But there are other concerns as well. Most of the monochrome rooms are focused on black or grey. Of course, there are plenty, that are focused on red or blue. Usually professional designers bring style by creating a room monochrome. This means that you have to keep things simple! The one and only rule is to focus entirely on one colour. But of course there should be at least two in a room. This means that the other colour should be white. So it won’t stand out. I know that this may seem a boring style, but it’s not true at all. The delimitation of the elements in the room must be focused on the different shades of the colour you’ve chosen.

  • The furniture

The furniture should be luxurious. Heavy leather armchairs and sofas are recommended. Angular furniture is suitable as well. Be careful when you use leather furniture. After regular use, leather can get unpleasant stains. So make sure you’re accomplishing regular home cleaning.

  • The embellishment

Hanging a picture in such a room is not a nice idea. If you want to emphasize the look of the place, use vases or candle jars. But these have to fit in the style of the room. So be careful when you choose them. Another additional decoration you can use are cushions. You can use as many as you want. But yet again, be careful with the colour! A nice carpet can bring a lot to the main theme. Especially if it is a fluffy one. But bear in mind that with such a carpet you’ll need professional carpet treatment more often.

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