Making a personal cleaning calendar

Making a personal cleaning calendarTry to remember how your mom used to tell you that every housekeeping task must be done in time. Then, remind yourself anytime you could not finish even half of the thorough spring refreshment, because you get exhausted too early or because the entire schedule seemed not realisable! The problem you have is common, so there is nothing to worry about. You are just suffering from the popular syndrome of disorganised personality. That is why household chores are never done on schedule or they are not done at all.The cure is constancy and a good checklist. We offer you making a personal cleaning calendar – right now together with us and our special tips:

  • Determine the high risky and dirty areas at home and put them as agenda in your schedule. If you have to, fill each of your work table schemes with it, so you can have a modern reminder!

  • Make the calendar day by day, week by week and then place the rare housekeeping chores. Consider when you might have holidays or days-off and fill the free time with some regular cleaning. In this way, busy days with busier evenings in the kitchen or in the bathroom will be avoided.

  • Start with your routine domestic sanitising schedule. Monday is for the mattresses, Tuesday is for tidying up, Wednesday is for the WC, Thursday is for tackling the hardest tasks such as carpet cleaning or oven degreasing, Friday is for the floor polishing, Saturday is for the sinks and the sheets. Sunday is for relaxation!

  • One day per week – overall decluttering, laundry, ironing and window wiping!

  • Twice per month (or three times in half a year) – remove cobwebs, rub the radiators and reaching the inaccessible places and corners, scrubbing the balcony and maintain the electric gadgets.

  • Once or twice a year – pick up a day for some more thorough and sophisticated disinfection of the house. Cleanse absolutely everything by starting from top and finishing to the bottom! Here is where you can also use the assistance of professional domestic cleaning services!

Include your family members in the cleaning calendar, too! You deserve some help!

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