Make your oven look like brand new again!

Oven cleaningOven cleaning is a task of supreme difficulty in the hierarchy of the home cleaning duties. Usually we don’t take care of it when we cook and this ends up like a bunch of “beautiful” stains around our oven that are closely to impossible to be cleaned. There are a couple of things you can do to turn this essential appliance to its initial appearance and indeed:

Heavy weapons. Sometimes the usual measures are helpless so you need to take out the heavy ones, in this case professional degreasers or the more ecological way – water, baking soda and vinegar.  In both cases, use of rubber gloves is mandatory for your own safety. First option is faster in degreasing, but takes more time to be removed and possible stains on clothes and carpets are not easy for cleaning. The water with baking soda should be left one night to work and after the cleaning, you spray vinegar that makes chemical reaction with the soda and after wiping the procedure is finished.

Dirty racks. They are one idea easier to deal with. Find big enough basin to soak them for a couple of hours with dishwashing detergent. If you don’t have proper size basin, you can use the bathtub, but after you have covered it with towels to avoid scratching. After this scrub, the racks with old toothbrush or sharp dishwashing sponge. If all this sounds too hard and complicated, turn to company offering tenancy cleaning services, that include oven cleaning. You don’t need to do it more than a couple of times a year.

The glass. On the glass you can apply the methods from point 1 – degreaser or baking soda and water – mix till it looks like paste, apply, wait for half an hour and scrub off.

For long lasting result. Use covered cookware for the oven or try cooking with foil over the pan. This will reduce your cooking time, i. e. your expenses for electricity and will allow you to promote ecology while saving money. Also covered pots drip and spill less so you will need less help from the carpet cleaning specialists.

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