Make your hotel stay healthier with these easy steps

Make your hotel stay healthier with these easy steps Everyone loves vacations – tasty cocktails on the beach, relaxing around the swimming pool with a good book, etc. However, a vacation can sometimes be ruined by various things. Actually there are simple rules to follow and you will have wonderful holiday with your friends or relatives. Here are a few tricks of how to make your hotel stay healthier. Check them out:

  • When booking your room, make sure you chose a non-smoking room. The cigarette smoke from the previous visitors stays absorbed into the walls, furniture, etc.

  • Do not drink too much. Avoid the drinks in the minibar – they are overpriced and add extra calories to your menu. When out, try to keep the cocktails 2 or maximum 2. Yes, you do want to have fun, but at  the same time you do not want to feel sick the whole next day, right?

  • Take off the bed cover as soon as you get into the room. As good as the house cleaning services in the hotel are, there might still be a lot of dust on that cover.

  • Disinfect the remote control and the telephone with antibacterial wipes. Of course, the chambermaids have done that, but do it yourself too, just to make sure it is good enough. Be strict like the end of tenancy cleaners.

  • Take some fruits with you before you leave. In this way you will have a healthy snack when you get hungry and you will keep in low on the junk food.

  • Stay fit. Even if the hotel does not have its own gym, you can still exercise. There are plenty of video clips online that can help you and you will not need any special equipment to follow them.

  • Make sure you notice where the emergency exits are. That is just in case, no one knows what can happen during your stay.

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