Last chance to drink a beer in the Great British Beer Festival

Great British Beer FestivalSummer brings hotness. Hotness brings beer to the table. And London brings all the people across UK again – to survive the hotness with the magic elixir of beer! Yes, of course, Great British Beer Festival is back to London with new reserves for a five-day beer experiences – one open air festival with lots of exciting activities and an intriguing program to join!

Don’t miss the opportunity and grab your last chance to drink a beer with your friends and all beer friends in the Great British Beer Festival in London. Don’t get surprised, if you see some too serious faces during the event! Because the Great British Beer Festival is not a fun for everybody. Some experts and true admirers of beer are here not to have fun, but to have some degustation and make sure everything with the beer industry is still fine! Check out some details about the exciting event, but don’t lose time, because time is ticking and the last few days of the open fairs are coming:

  • The Great British Beer Festival takes place in London – Olympia, Hammersmith Road and Kensington.

  • The most popular beer fest in London continues from 13th to 17th Aug 2013. The everyday openings are at different time, but generally and ordinary beer day goes fully – from afternoon till the evenings.

  • Besides the large amount of beer, you can have some pub snacks for relish!

  • The Great British Beer Festival organizes traditional pub games, music performances and entertaining activities for people, who want some more than getting sozzled!

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